Fire lady

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will give the image of a girl a bright fiery effect.

Open the photo with some attractive girl to whom we want to apply this effect.

Duplicate the original layer and go to filter> blur> gausian blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) with value 1.5. We expose the setting Blending mode (layer blending mode) on Overlay (overlay).

Once again, duplicate the original layer and transfer it up. Push ctrl + shift + u. Next, we go to filter> distort> shear (Filter – Distortion – Curvature) with settings as shown:

Set the Blending mode (blending mode) to Overlay (overlay). Now we will color this layer a little. Push ctrl + u, to go to the window Hue / Saturation (color / saturation). Here we apply the following settings:

If you wish, you can make a copy of the previous layer and rotate it in some direction with the help of the commands Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal / Flip Vertical (Editing – Transformation – rotate horizontally / vertically).

As a result, we get this:

Also using the window Hue / Saturation You can change the color of the main image (recall this is the second layer).

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