In this Photoshop tutorial, we will create a funnel photo effect with you.

We take a photo on which we will do the effect.

Now create a new document of the same size as your main photo, but in Grayscale mode (Grayscale)

Take the tool , go to Gradient editor and set up a striped gradient there:

Go to a clean document and draw a gradient horizontally.

It will turn out like this:

Apply filter to this document. Distortion – Twisting (Filter – Distort – Twirl).

Play with the settings and set the twisting force to your taste. If you want to repeat the filter action, then click Ctrl + F

This document is saved in PSD format, give the name “funnel”

Go ahead…

Since we are drawing a funnel, let’s imagine that someone pulls it into it.

Here is an image of two birds in the blue sky, let’s transfer them to our document and place them in the center of the future funnel.

Layer with birds will set the blending mode to Glow (Luminosity)

With a soft eraser, erase clear edges.

Next, go to the background layer and duplicate it. Place a copy at the top.

Standing on the top layer, go to the filter menu and select Distortion – Offset (Filter – Distort – Displace)

Settings can be set the same:

horizontal scale – 50, vertical scale – 50.
Stretch to Fit Repeat Edge Pixels

After you click OK, you will need to select that PSD file with a funnel. And it will turn out like this:

Create a layer mask by clicking on the bottom of the Layers panel. icon.

Now take a soft black brush and click a few times on the center of the funnel to open our birds.

You can reduce the transparency of the brush and slightly treat the edges.

As a result, you can get this picture.

Perhaps this is not the end, but only the beginning of an even more amazing effect.

After all, the shape of the funnel can still be corrected using the Plastic filter (Liquify filter), in addition, it can be transformed, change the angle of inclination – this will help you free transformation.

I am sure that you will find many interesting ways to apply this effect.

By the way, if we used a radial gradient instead of linear, we would have even circles, like this:

Accordingly, the picture would have looked different.

With the help of even circles, you can create a semblance of rings that diverge in water, for example:

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