Fur car

Today we will achieve the fluffy effect of the machine.

Open the picture with the machine you want to edit. You can also create a new document with 732×524 and resolution 72p. Then move the photo and zoom in if necessary.

And start painting the surface of the car using the tool Brush . Choose the color to your taste.

Take the tool Burn (dimmer). Range of “Light” (Highlights). Opacity (Opacity) on ten% and start to paint the fur small strokes.

Using the most convenient selection tool for you, select the headlamp, logo and number plate for a new layer. Move this layer (s) down on the layers panel.

Keep painting fur, but with more Opacity. Do not forget about the direction of the fur. This should be reflected.

Take the tool Dodge (clarifier) ​​and continue drawing villi. Use the tool Smudge (finger), to pull the villi out of the machine, they must be stretched in the wind. Opacity about 80%

Alternating tools Dodge and Burn You can achieve realistic fur. Finish the picture by adding a shadow using the tool. Brush(brush).

Author: adobetutorialz.com

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