Futuristic photo effect

In this lesson I will teach you to make on the one hand an easy, but at the same time beautiful effect for dark photos.

Here’s what we get:

Step 1. Start by selecting the source photo. I did not find the image used by the author of the lesson, but you can use any photo from your own stock. It is better to take the dark, so the effect will look better.

Step 2. Create a new layer and apply a white circle on it (you can brush (B), or you can figure Ellipse (U)). Name the layer “Iris”.

Step 3. Go to the Layer Style (Layer> Layer Style) add Inner Shadow, Inner Stamping, Gradient Overlay and Stroke to the layer with the white circle. All settings are shown below.

After that, set the layer blending mode to Replacing Dark (Darken).

Step 4. Duplicate the circle layer twice and reduce their size. We get the iris.

Step 5. In a new layer, apply with a brush a black circle in the center of the iris.

Step 6. In the layers menu, select all three layers (and a black dot) that make up the iris. Now press Ctrl + G, so all these layers will be placed in the group. Duplicate this group by right-clicking on it and selecting Group Duplicate. Now we are working with a duplicate group. Right-click on it and select Merge Group. You’ll get a white circle with two black arcs and a black dot in the middle. Duplicate this layer several times, constantly changing the size and opacity of each duplicate layer.

Step 7. Now add more circles in the whole photo as shown below. Make each copy unique with varying degrees of Opacity.

Step 8. Create a new layer using the tool Line (U) 1px thick, draw white lines as shown below.

Step 9. Smooth some edges of white lines with black brushes with soft edges.

Step 10. Duplicate one of the layers with a circle and cut it in half. Insert this half on some lines. You can also add some text or numbers to the ends of the lines.

Step 11. Duplicate the photo base layer and apply Filter> Imitation> Cellophane Packaging with the settings shown below. Then set the Overlay Mode to Replacing Light (Lighten) and erase portions of unnecessary parts of the effect. The author of the lesson from the photo erased all cellophane, except for the area near the mouth, as shown below.


Final result:

Author: photoshop-pack

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