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Hello, dear visitors of the site “Photoshop-master”. On the eve of the holidays “February 14” and “March 8,” I offer you a lesson with an interesting photo effect:

Well, let’s go!

Materials for the lesson:

So, create a new layer. (file is new (File – New) by size 768×1024, 72dpi. Make the background black, no matter how you do it, fill it or just paint over it with a brush.

Now let’s change our background for this you need to go through the tab Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add Noise) And set the settings shown below.

Next, create a new layer. Choose a tool Rectangle ((Rectanglar Marquee) M) and highlight the area as shown below, then paint #301A0D color.

To do this, apply Noise and make the same settings as for the black background.

Find a photo of a girl, for example, I chose this:

Cut it out and paste it on our layer:

Select the following settings for the girl: Layer Overlay Options – External Glow (Blending Options – Outer Glow).

Next we will create a shadow (reflection) of the girl. To do this, copy the layer with the girl. Apply function to copied layer. Editing – Free Transformation (Edit> Free Transform). Place this “under the feet” layer of the Girl. You can also reduce the opacity of the layer.

Download three packs of brushes, they will be useful to us during the lesson. Brushes are in the archive to the lesson.

Attention! If you see a pattern in a picture that is turned upside down, then it is turned upside down using the function Free Transformation (Free Transform) on a separate layer.

Now we will begin to create various patterns. Create a new layer (below the girl layer). Choose Floral brush, color white.

It turns out like this:

Then we do this, standing on a layer with patterns, press the button Quick mask mode (Q) (Add a Mask). Take the Soft Brush black color opacity (Opacity) 10% and walk around the edges of the pattern.

Like this:

We continue to make patterns. Create a new layer, which, like the previous one, is below the girl layer. Now we will work with the 2nd package of brushes (BRUSHES_01_02.). Select the desired brush, still white.

Apply settings to this layer: Blend Mode – Soft Light (Blending Mode – Soft Light)

Create another layer placed below the girl layer. We are still working with the 2nd set of brushes. Choose brush and ask her # 747474 Colour.

Layer Options: Blend Mode – Bright Light (Blending mode -Vivid Light)

Next we will work with the 3rd package of brushes. (Brushescurls). Create a new layer under the layer with a girl and choose a brush from a set of white.

Now we will repeat the algorithm, as in the very first case with patterns. Standing on the patterned layer, press the mode button. “Quick mask” (Q) (Add a Mask). Take a soft black brush opacity (Opacity) 10% and walk on the pattern. And we have achieved such an effect.

Next we will work with the bottom of our image. Create a new layer (below the girl), a set of brushes the same (Brushes – curls). The color of the brushes is the same – white.

Options: Blend Mode – Soft Light (Blending mode-Soft Light)

On the next layer, use the brushes from the 3rd set. Dream up. Choose a brush for your taste. I chose this one:

And that’s what happened:

The parameter of this layer should be: Fill (Fill) thirty%

With the patterns on the background we finished, now we will make the light near the girl’s head. Create a new layer (below the girl), select a soft brush.. The brush color is white, and opacity (Opacity) 10%

Create a new layer above the girl and select 3 brushes, for example these (Brushes – 3rd package):

The color of this brush # 6F3C27

The color of this brush # 97BD58

The color of this brush # 0A224A

That’s about the picture you should have

The parameter of this layer: Layer Blending Mode – Color Tone (Blending mode-hue)

Create a new layer. Now we will give the previous layer a haze effect. To do this, take the usual soft brush. size in 5px(Opacity (Opacity)ten%). The colors of the haze created by us should match the previous colors of the patterns (# 0A224A # 97BD58 # 6F3C27). To achieve this effect, Just walk on the silhouette of the pattern.

Layer Options: Fill (Fill50% Layer Blending Mode> Hard Light (Blending mode-Hard Light)

On the next new layer we will work with the 2nd set of brushes (BRUSHES_01_02)
Choose any two brushes as well. For example, such:

The color of this brush # F6B36F

The color of this brush: # 781A01

Place the brush as shown in the picture:

And the last is our action.
Layer Options: Blend mode – Soft light (Blending mode – Soft Light)

So, your picture is finished, enjoy the result!

Author: adobetutorialz

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