Head splits!

This Photoshop tutorial will tell you how to create such a supernatural shining effect from a crack in your head.

Look at what we made of the dull gray head of one guy.

1. So, select the appropriate image. For this lesson is suitable bald head. Create a new document with a black background, cut out the head and place it in a new place.

2. Create a new layer. and fill it with a radial gradient the next color (from bright yellow to deep red). Gradient lead from center to edges. Align the center of the gradient with the center of the head.

Also add brush a little light yellow spots around the head for extra glow.

3. Change the blending mode (Blending mode) on linear light, set the layer opacity (opacity) on 47% and layer density (fill) on 70%.

4. A bright crack on the head can be done as follows.
Take any paintbrush for drawing lightning.

Set the white or light yellow color of this brush and one click to draw a crack. Edges that extend beyond the head are removed with an eraser. Change the blending mode to Screen.

5. Start drawing rays.
Take the Polygonal Lasso tool and start drawing rays.
Note that the light must emanate from the crack, respectively, the rays must be drawn directly on the crack line.

When you draw the first beam, click Shift and start drawing the second one, so the first selection will not disappear. Continue in the same vein, until you draw all the rays.

6. Create a new layer and fill the selection with a radial gradient from white to transparent (white to transparent), naturally start from the center. Place the layer with the rays under the orange layer, from there the color for the rays will be used.

7. The rays need to smooth the edges.
To do this in the menu Filter apply Blur – Radial blur.
Set the following parameters:

Center blur blur with head. Thus, the edges of the rays will become blurred.

8. Finally, add a soft light brush with a few strokes in the places where the rays come from. This further accentuates the glow effect.

Like this. We hope you are impressed by this lesson!

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