How to make a heart in Photoshop? Draw a heart pierced by an arrow.

Now we will create a heart pierced by an arrow using the tools of the program Adobe Photoshop.

Create a new document with the size of 400 * 250 px mode Rgb.
On the new layer ( Layer-new) we will draw a small heart.

For what take the Custom Shape Tool, in the drop-down box on the top palette, select the shape of the heart.

Draw a heart in shape mode. No matter what color.

Now we need to give our heart a beautiful volume.
Why open the palette Color-Swatches-Styles. We will need the Styles tab.

If it is not on the desktop, then call by pressing F6

Select from the list of styles texture 12

Click on it, your heart should change its appearance. Happened? Perhaps you will like any other texture try. That’s how I got it.

Now create a NEW layer ( Layer-new) we will draw an arrow that pierces through the heart.

And again we turn to the figures, choose an arrow, for example, such … (this is the very first picture)

Draw an arrow, it should be 1.5 times longer than the heart.
And again, we use the proposed styles, choose the gold. I really liked Style 1.

If the arrow needs to be edited, call the free transform command (Ctrl + T)

Cut through both layers. Click on the layer with the right mouse button, see the figure below.

Now the fun part! Take the boom away. Now there will be a HOLE! Take the eraser, set the size to 13px and hardness 100%

Stand on a layer with a heart and draw a hole in it, as if it was pierced by an arrow.

Now align the arrow with the heart and erase the part of the arrow that should not be visible.

It turned out so. By the way. while you combined the arrow in my drawing, I reduced the shadow of my arrow – it was very big. Now the arrow settings for the shadow are:

It remains to add the tail of our arrow, for this we use the tool and give the arrow light feathers. Like this.

If you have sets of original brushes, you can experiment with them and do something like this:

Pierced heart can be rotated slightly diagonally (Ctrl + T)
You can add a beautiful signature.

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