How to make a motion effect in Photoshop? Create a blur in the photo.

Add motion to the image

To obtain a similar effect is not difficult –
just follow the steps below.

Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop, to which you have decided to add a motion effect.

Create a copy of the background layer by pressing the key combination <Ctrl + J>

Choose a team Filter (Filter) – Blur – Motion Blur (Blur-Blur in motion)
For the parameter Angle (Angle) set the value corresponding to the desired direction of movement (as a rule, I set the value corresponding to the horizontal direction), and to control the effect “force” select the appropriate value of the parameter Distance (Distance).
For my image I set the parameter Distance = 35

Press key , to choose a tool Eraser (Eraser).
Go to panel Options (Parameters) and click on the button with the arrow pointing down to the right of the parameter Brush (Brush). In the window that appears Brush picker (Brush Selection) Select a brush with soft edges, as shown.

Now process the areas of the image that should remain clear.
As you remove the original layer, located under the blurred, will appear.
As a rule, I process a person’s face, as well as his clothes and objects that he can hold, but I try not to touch the edges of objects.

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