How to make the effect of molten metal in Photoshop? Melting dagger.

How to create the effect of molten metal in Photoshop?

This amazing Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to create a molten metal effect using a filter. liquefy and other techniques and tools.

In order to create the effect of molten metal, the author took a photo of a saber. Of course, you can use any other photo containing a metal object.

Note that the author of the lesson achieves this effect using only standard Photoshop CS tools, without resorting to special plug-ins and action games.

So, proceed to melting the dagger.

First, duplicate the dagger layer. Layer – Duplicate Layer

Go to the menu and select Filter – “Liquify”.
The author first used a very large brush to reshape the tip of the dagger,
and then gradually reduced the size.

Use all your imagination when you deform the metal, but do not overdo it to achieve a realistic effect.

Note: for a better result, draw short strokes with a brush, and at the end of each action, hold down the left mouse button for 2 seconds.

Use the Magic Wand Tool and select the melted portion by clicking on this area several times. To add a new section to an already selected area, hold down Shift

Now refer to the menu – Filters – Artistic – Plastic Wrap and set the settings as here:

After that, take the eraser set the hardness to 25-30% and start adjusting, removing small areas from the first layer until you are satisfied with the result.

After that, the picture will look like this:

Now we draw a puddle into which our saber flows.

Take the Custom Shape Tool on the toolbar. Choose this amoeba like shape.

Set as primary color the black and in the shape mode (in the picture above, the first element is circled) draw a similar pool.

If you want to change her form, then use the key combination Ctrl + T free transformation.

Select a puddle. To do this, hold Ctrl click on the layer with the figure.

Before you give the figure styles, it must be rasterized.
Layer – Rasterize

Duplicate the puddle layer. Layer – Duplicate Layer

Now select the tool Eyedropper tool or in Russian Pipette
And choose two colors directly from the picture (one is darker, the other is lighter)

With the puddle layer active, click on the button. – at the bottom of the palette Layers
Choose from the window Gradient overlay
Click on the gradient bar to set your shades.

Click OK. A puddle will get a gradient.

Go to the layer where the duplicate puddle.
Reduce its size a little and slide it down a bit and to the left.
She will play the role of a shadow.

Usually the shadow has a feathery look. Therefore, add a filter layer.
Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur

Pick the optimal value for your case.
It is necessary to achieve an effect so that the shadow peeks out from under the colored puddle.

Go back to the layer with a colored puddle.
Choose a tool and make a small oval selection.

In the place of contact of the jet of metal with a puddle, you need to add the effect of fluid movement.

Perform actions Filters – Distort – Twirl
Experiment with the settings. Just give a little hint of movement.
Click OK.

Our congratulations for capturing the effect of molten metal in Photoshop!

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