ice Age

In this lesson we will try to create the effect of the ice age.

Step 1. Select a photo to apply the effect to. The author of the lesson advises to use summer landscapes in which there are water objects (river, lake)

Step 2. Open the photo in Photoshop. Duplicate the layer, make the original invisible (by itself, the author did not use this layer, a copy for every fireman).

Step 3. For a copy of the layer, do the following: Image – Rotate Canvas – 90 CW (Image – Rotate the canvas – 90 degrees clockwise)

Step 4. Do not be afraid of such a strange position of the canvas, it is necessary to apply the filter “Wind“. Filter – Stylize – Wind (Filter – Stylization – Wind), in the settings, select “From the Right” (On right).

Step 5. Now we will return the image to its normal position. For this Image – Rotate Canvas – 90 CCW (Image – Rotate canvas – 90 degrees counterclockwise)

Step 6. Let’s give photos a cool shade Image – Adjustments – Hue /saturation (Image – Adjustments – Hue / Saturation). Below are the settings, but note that each photo has an individual approach. Do not forget to put a tick in front of “Colorize” (Toning).

Hue: 212, Saturation: 25 and Lightness: -10 (Color tone: 212, Saturation: 25, Brightness: -10)

Step 7. The next step is to apply the filter Filter – Artistic – Plastic Wrap (Filter – Imitation – Cellophane packaging).

After experimenting, the author focused on the settings: Highlight Strenght (6), Detail (15), Smoothness (14) (Illumination – 6, Detailing – 15, Softening – 14)

Step 8. The effect is already impressive, but still apply the setting for levels Image – Adjustments – Levels (Image – Adjustment – Levels).

The result of the author:

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