This Photoshop tutorial will show you an interesting way to draw a beautiful kaleidoscope from any photo.

1. Select the appropriate photo.

2. Rotate the image to 45 ° CW
(Image> Rotate Canvas> Arbitrary).
3. Take the rectangular selection tool and select the part you want to remove. Click Delete.

4. Rotate the image in the opposite direction to 45 °CCW
(Image> Rotate Canvas> Arbitrary). And remove excess parts.

5. Photoshop has a great feature. Trim, with the help of which you can reduce unnecessary parts of the image.
(Image> Trim)

Set the following settings:

You will receive the first piece from which the kaleidoscope will be built.

6. Go to menu Image> Canvas Size and increase the width of the canvas by 200% (if your image has the same location, then place the icon anchor left in the center)

7. Duplicate the layer (Layer – Duplicate Layer)
Then flip horizontally (Edit – Trasform – Flip it Horizontally) and place a copy to the right of that image.

8. Merge both layers together (CTRL + E)

9. Refer to the menu again. Image> Canvas Size and increase the height of the canvas this time by 200% (icon anchor – below in the center)

10. Make a duplicate of the layer with the form, flip it vertically (Flip it Vertically) and place it at the top.

11. Drain both layers (CTRL + E)

12. Duplicate the shape layer again and turn to 90 °.

Here is the result! It is hard to believe that this beauty came out of an ordinary photo with a flower.

You can make the angle of the main piece two times smaller (22.5 °) Then the kaleidoscope pattern will be much more virtuoso.

Send us your kaleidoscopes, and we will post them on this page!

Kaleidoscopes from Natalia Samara!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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