In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to draw your portrait on a playing card.

For reference: the size of the playing card 58×88 mm

You do not need to adhere to these parameters, choose the size of “your” card at will.

So let’s get started.

The main thing is to pick a photo successfully. The man in the photo should be on the chest with his hands. If you follow the traditions of the card, it is desirable that he was luxuriously and elegantly dressed. Even better if there is something in the hand (flower, fruit, wine glass, etc.)

Create a new document.

Select tool – (a rectangle with rounded edges). Corner rounding radius = 10 px
And draw in shape mode , pale gray or pinkish rectangular color.

Next rasterize the shape (Layer – Rasterize – Shape/ Layer – Shredded – Figure)

Add thin (1px) gray stroke (Edit – Stroke/ Editing – Stroke)

Again with the tool draw a rectangle with round corners inside the pink rectangle.

Rasterize, Ctrl + click on a layer with a gray form. A selection appears.
Go to the menu Select (Selection) there choose Modify (Modify) – Contract (Compress). Set the value to 1 px.

Click Delete.
The result was a thin rounded frame.

Take the tool Line, set the same dark gray color as your inner frame is drawn, hold Shift and draw a horizontal line exactly in the middle of the map.

The next step is to prepare the photo and place it on the top half of the map.

Copy the layer with the photo. Further Ctrl + T (free transformation)
Right-click on the frame and select the command first “flip up“, then “flip horizontally

Here’s what happened:

Now it remains only to give the designation of the suit card. Let’s say that it is “Dama-worms”.

Using tool draw the letters “D” in the corners of the map.
In place of the letter “D” lines are erased.

Here the letters were added styles “Embossing” and “External glow” (Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options/ Layer – Layer Style – Blend Modes)

Choosing a tool Shapes, in the settings panel, select the shape of the heart:

We draw big and small hearts as shown in the picture. Then we copy the same styles as the letter “D”.

We get the following:

Agree that just on a flat monophonic layer our map looks boring. Apply a Fill Texture style to the layer with a pink background and try several options.

I wish you success!

See you at www.!

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