Laser lights in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an abstract laser effect with a stone texture and clouds.

In this lesson, no stock images are used. The stone texture, which you can see in the final image, can be downloaded here.

Step 1. Create a new document of any size with a black background. Let’s start by creating a special brush: take a 45-pixel soft brush from the standard Photoshop set:

Then press the F5 key to open the brush options, and set the following settings:

Shape dynamics (Dynamics of the form)

Scattering (Scattering)

Other Dynamics (Other Dynamics)

And activate the option Smoothing (Smoothing).
Save this brush, create a new layer and check it. This should be the result:

Step 2. Now turn these abstract circles into a laser beam. Move on Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion) and apply a blur to the drawn points:

And we get the following result:

Then press Ctrl + F to apply the filter two more times:

Via Free transform (Free Transform) (Ctrl + T) slightly compress the band:

Then duplicate (Ctrl + J) the layer with the laser beam 5 times and merge all the copies together (Ctrl + E), we get the following result:

Duplicate (Ctrl + J) this layer several times, rotate and place copies on the canvas, as shown below:

On each copy of the laser layer, use a soft eraser (E) (50% pressure and opacity) to remove some areas of the rays:

Step 3. Let’s add some light effects. Take a soft white brush (B) and draw three points, as shown below:

Tip: For giving depth to the image, we use three different sizes of a brush, for the smallest set the highest opacity, and for the largest accordingly the lowest.

Create a new layer, draw a small white dot with a soft brush (B) and use Edit – Transform – Warp (Editing – Transformation – Deformation), as shown below:

After the deformation, we need to get this figure:

Duplicate this layer several times and place copies around the center light:

Step 4. Now we can add a bit of a blur effect to the rays. To do this, you can repeat step 2 (but without pressing Ctrl + F to reapply the filter):

Make several copies of the layer (Ctrl + J) with a blurry effect and attach them to the beams:

Tip: You can adjust the opacity of each duplicated layer to give more depth.

Create a new layer and, using the brush created in step 1, draw the particles around the laser beams:

Step 5. We’re almost done :) Now we’ll add particles to the rays with a 1px hard brush:

And draw a soft light in the lower area of ​​the canvas using soft white brushes (AT):

You can also add additional light points in the center using soft white. brushes (AT):

Additionally, you can add the texture of the earth, cracks and clouds that you downloaded at the beginning of the lesson:

Step 6. In the final step, we will merge all the layers together and duplicate the resulting result, then apply the filter Filter – Noise – Reduce Noise (Filter – Noise – Reduce Noise) to the duplicated layer, to slightly increase the sharpness:

I decided to add a fiery gold tint using two adjustment layers:

Selective color (Selective color correction)

Color balance (Color balance)

And here is the final result of this lesson:

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