Light bulb! Burn!

In this lesson we will learn how to light a light bulb using Photoshop!

This technique you can use in other cases, for example, to light a street lamp.

Open the photo with a light bulb.

And immediately apply Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects (Filter – Render – Lightning effects)

Set the source as a light bulb, the color is light yellow.
See the rest of the settings in the screenshot:

Our light bulb caught fire, but not perfect yet. If you look at a lightbulb with dark glasses, then you will see a bright spot in the middle – a filament. Let’s paint it.

Create a new layer, take a white soft brush, draw a bright spot – the filament, as shown in the figure. If it turned out clearly, you can apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) to fluff this stain.

Create another layer, select a larger brush (about a light bulb), stiffness at 0, click on a bright white spot to create a halo from the filament.

Create another layer, set the settings for the brush as follows:

Draw rays of light from a light bulb.

Apply Filter – Blur – Radial Blur
(Filter – Blur – Radial Blur)

If necessary, repeat the filter action (Ctrl + F) to achieve a soft diffused glow.

Merge all layers (Shift + Ctrl + E), duplicate the layer.

On top layer, change the blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light)

You can try other modes.

Multiplication (Multiply)

Hard light (Hard Light)

In just a couple of steps, we lit the light in a regular light bulb!

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