Light whirl

How to make a bright flash or light swirl in Photoshop, you will learn from this lesson.

Lighting effects are very popular today. This is the most successful way to draw attention to the image. Just a couple of uncomplicated technicians, and your design work will begin to sound more energetic.

Step 1

The first thing we need to do is create a good background for the effect.

Create a new document of the size you need, fill the document with black. Next, create a new layer and fill it with white color!

Then, standing on the white layer, go to the menu Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects (Filters> Render> Lighting Effects).

Select the source – Searchlight.

Near the Brightness / Intensity setting, set the color you need, select a dark shade. Here, for example, set dark purple.

The values ​​of other parameters set the same as shown in the screenshot:

If you get a smooth saturated gradient, then you are great!

Step 2

Now we will create the first flash, from which we will continue to collect the light whirlpool.

Create a new layer. Immediately change this blending mode to Lighting / Screen.
Next, take the tool , at the top in the settings set Feathering/ Feather equal 20 px. Create a circular selection.
Let the selection hang for now, you switch to Gradient .

Set the view to Radial Gradient . Click on the gradient bar to set your colors.

The first (internal) color must be white, external at your discretion. Enter a gradient from center to edge of selection

Something like that should work for you.

Step 3

Duplicate the flash layer and close the eye near the original layer. You will need it later.

So, now press Ctrl + T, you need to flatten this flash so that it looks like this.

Step 4

And now the fun begins. To make the flash “swirl” look, you need to apply two filters.

The first Filter – Distortion – Wave (Filter> Distort> Wave).
By applying various settings, you can give the wave an interesting shape. In addition, try to apply the filter several times, to do this, press Ctrl + F.

And the second Filter – Distortion – Twisting (Filter> Distort> Twirl), adjust the twisting force here and get a cool curl.

The first is ready! Now it’s time to open the eye of the layer, duplicate it again and repeat all the actions in order to get some more virtuoso flashes, then we assemble them together, assemble it into a beam and get a stylish background.

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