Magic sword

In this lesson you will see how to create the effect of a sword engulfed in fire. This simple technique can be applied to other objects.

Materials for the lesson:



Step 1: Create a new document, place your photo in the center of the document. Photos with a sword, you can find it in the archive

Step 2. The dominant color in the photo is blue and its shades, but the author chose to change the color: Image – Adjustment – Levels (Image – Correction – Levels). In the dialog box that appears, select among the channels (Channel) blue, set the settings: 77 – 0.35 – 220.

Step 3: Change the brightness of the image by applying Image – Adjustment – Curves (Image – Correction – Curves). Set the curve position as shown below:

The result should be:

Step 4. Click Ctrl + J Duplicate image. Apply filter Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur according to Gauss). Set the blur radius to approximately five pix.

Step 5. Now change this layer – add a glow around the sword. For this Filter – Stylize – Glowing Edges (Filter – Stylization – Edge Glow).
Settings: Edge With – 1, Edge Brightness – 20, Smoothness – 11. (edge width – 1; edge brightness – 20; mitigation – 11)

However, the glow is not enough

Step 6. Change Blending Mode (blend mode) for this layer on Screen (lightening). It is quite another matter!

Step 7. If you want the glow to “pulsate”, then apply Filter – Distort – Ocean Ripple (Filter – Distortion – Ocean Waves).
Settings: Ripple Size -7, Ripple Magnitude – 8 (Wave size – 7, Wave strength – 8).

Make sure that Blending Mode (blend mode) for this layer on Screen (lightening), otherwise the effect will be zero.

Step 8. Change the color of the glow. For this Image – Adjustments – Hue /Saturation(Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation).
Settings: Hue – five, Saturation – 69, Lightness – 0. (Color tone -5, Saturation – 69, Brightness -0). Using these settings, change the color of the glow to red.

Intermediate result:

Step 9. Choose a tool Erase (Eraser). In the eraser settings, select a small brush with soft edges. Lower level Hardness (pressure) until about 40%. Make sure the glow layer is active. Go through the eraser in places where the glow comes on the hilt of the sword.

Step 10. The next step is to add flames to the image.

Open the fire image in Photoshop. Click Ctrl + A Ctrl + C. Make the main document active, click Ctrl + V. Move the fire layer on the layers palette to the top. Change Blending Mode (blend mode) on Screen (lightening) – dark areas of the layer will disappear.

Step 11. Using Edit – Free Transform (Editing – Free Transformation), Move, Ctrl + J (layer duplication), apply fire to the entire surface of the sword.

In principle, this can be stopped, but if you want to experiment, try using filters. Filter – Rendering – Lenses Flare (Filter – Rendering – Blick), Filter – Filter – Distort – Wind – Zigzag (Filter – Distortion – Wind – Zigzag)

Good luck!

Author: smalltutorials

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