Make a stylish poster in Photoshop

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

Today we will create a poster based on the well-known Yin-Yang symbol.

Baseline materials:

Final result

STEP 1. Create a new document of 1920? 1080 px in RGB mode, with a resolution of 72 dpi. I usually create large sized documents, because later I can crop the image.

STEP 2. Open the image of the girl. Let’s go Layer – create duplicate layer (Layer> Duplicate Layer (CTRL + J), next, go Filter – Other– Color contrast(Filter> Other> High Pass). Install Padius (Radius) on 1.1 px and click OK.

STEP 3. Set the blending mode Overlap (Overlay). Select all the layers and then go Layer – Merge Layers (Layer> Merge Layers (CTRL + SHIFT + E).

STEP 4. Next, go to the bookmark Channels (Channels), bookmark can be activated via Window – Channels (Window> Channels) and select the blue channel and holding the left mouse button, drag it to the window Create a new channel (Create New Channel). You will have a new channel, a copy of the blue channel. Go to a copy of the blue channel.

STEP 5. Next, go Image – Correction – Curves (Image> Adjustments> Curves (CTRL + M). Set the curve as in the screenshot.

STEP 6. Repeat STEP 5 again using the approximate settings. The point is to create a high contrast so that we can load the exact selection from a copy of the blue channel.

STEP 7. Choosing a tool Brush (Brush Tool (B), press the “D” key to set the foreground color to pure black and paint the girl’s entire body.

STEP 8. Choosing a tool Dimmer (Burn Tool (O), in the top settings panel set Shadows (Shad ows) and press “0” to set the exposure to 100%. We darken all the bright areas on the girl’s body.

STEP 9. Further. Let’s go Image – Correction – Curves (Go to Image> Adjustments> Curves (CTRL + M) and adjust the curve, as in the screenshot. We do this in order to completely remove the light gray areas from the copy of the blue channel.

STEP 10. In the bookmark Channels (Channels), CTRL + click on the blue copy box to load the selection. You will see the outline of the loading selection in the form of running ants. Click on the RGB channel, and the copy of the blue channel should be turned off.

STEP 11. Go to bookmark Layers (Layers). Click Delete.

STEP 12. Next, go Window – Arrange – Cascade(Window> Arrange> Cascade). And we transfer the image of the girl to our document, which we created in STEP 1. Go, Editing – Free Transformation (Edit> Free Transform (CTRL + T) to activate the transformation mode and hold down the SHIFT key, transform the image while maintaining the proportions. Press Enter.

STEP 13. Being on a layer with a girl, we go Layer – Layer Mask – Show All (Layer> Layer Mask> Reveal All). Now, select the tool Brush (Brush Tool (B), press the “D” key to set the foreground color to black and paint the girl’s legs on the layer mask.

STEP 14. Let’s go Layer – create duplicate layer (Layer> Duplicate Layer (CTRL + J). Do this twice.

STEP 15. Go to the original layer. (Translator’s Note: on the first layer with a girl). Choose a tool Finger (Smudge Tool (R), set the round, soft brush and set the intensity to about 60%. Starting to draw strokes along the edges of the girl. Try to make strokes in one direction.

STEP 16. Repeat STEP 15 for the second layer, but the strokes are shorter. Also reduce the intensity slightly.

STEP 17. Create a new group and call the new group “Girl”, select all the layers and drag all the layers with the girl into the created group.

STEP 18. Create a new layer on top of all layers in the “Girl” group. Download the spray brush. Apply the settings as in the screenshot below.

STEP 19. Paint over the edges like I did. Just hold down the ALT key, randomly choose color shades next to the girl’s body. Also increase and decrease the size of the brush. No need to paint the strokes, just click along the body with a brush.

STEP 20. Create two new layers on top of the spray layer. Choose a tool Brush (Brush Tool (B), set Rigidity (Hardness) 100% and draw three or four color shades: bright yellow, orange, red and pink.

Translator’s Note: At the end of the lesson, do not forget to remove the palette layer with the samples of color shades.

STEP 21. Reduce the brush size to 5-6 px, go to the top layer and start randomly drawing strokes and curves. Hold Alt + click on our created palette and start drawing with a bright red hue.

STEP 22. Choose orange and repeat lines drawn in bright red.

STEP 23. Repeat the same steps for the remaining colors. This is how the final result should look.

STEP 24. Change the brush on the spray brush. Choose a very small brush size and, as in the previous steps, randomly add colored dots of different shades.

STEP 25. Create a new layer on top of the layers with the girls. Set the blending mode for this layer. Soft light (Soft Light). Next, select the tool Brush (Brush Tool (B), select orange color (ALT + click on color), set Rigidity (Hardness) 0% and Opacity (Opacity) 50% and apply color shades on the girl’s body.

When done, ALT + click between these layers.

STEP 26. Create a new layer above the bottommost layer. Call it “touches.” Unpack the brushes, select the brush and apply the following settings.

STEP 27. Use this brush to draw two strokes, one light gray and the other in medium gray tones.

STEP 28. Next, go Layer – New Layer (Layer> New layer). Call it smoke. We apply the same settings as in the previous step. Press the “D” key to set the default colors. Apply two strokes of smoke.

STEP 29. Choose a tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool (U), click on the document and hold down the SHIFT key, to create a perfect circle, create a circle with the left mouse button. Set the fill color to white. Make sure the “layer-layer” is on the top settings panel. blending mode Soft light (Soft Light).

STEP thirty. Repeat STEP 29. But in this step, apply a dark gray color and set the blending mode Multiplication (Multiply).

Translator’s Note: you can draw a black circle and set the blending mode Soft light (Soft Light).

STEP 31. Create a new layer (CTRL + SHIFT + N). And now, create white pieces of your choice: you can randomly draw triangles, circles, squares, be mad in your creations! Set the layer opacity to 40%.

STEP 32. Open the Birds PSD file, select the tool Lasso (Lasso Tool (L), select any bird at your discretion, copy (CTRL + C) and paste into our document (CTRL + V). Next, go Editing – Free Transformation (Edit> Free Transform) to reduce the size of the birds. Press Enter. Next, go Picture – Correction – discolor (Image> Adjustments> Desaturate (CTRL + SHIFT + U).

STEP 33. Repeat step 32, but this time we invert the image of the bird Image – Correction – Inversion (Image> Adjustments> Invert (CTRL + I). Select a tool Clarifier (Dodge Tool (O), in range, set Shadows (Shadows), Exposure 25% (Exposure) and lighten dark areas.

STEP 34. Go to the top layer with a copy of the girl. Choose a tool Pen (Pen Tool (P) and draw a similar shape as mine, apply white color as the fill. Set the blending mode for this layer Chromaticity (color).

Translator’s Note: after you have drawn the shape. Right-click inside the created contour and choose to fill the contour. Do not forget to delete the contour, right-click on the contour and choose to delete the contour.

STEP 35. Select the lowest layer and then go, Layer- New – Layer (Layer> New> Layer). Open the concrete texture, select everything (CTRL + A), copy (CTRL + C) and paste into our document. Scale by size and set the blending mode Hard light (Hard Light).

STEP 36. Create a new layer (CTRL + SHIFT + N), select the tool Brush (Brush Tool (B), select the brush in the form of flowing paint and paint smudges in the lower part of the girl’s body.


Final result

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