Make in Photoshop the effect of drawing on the sand

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a realistic effect of drawing or writing on sand in Photoshop. The lesson is designed for beginners, so you can easily cope with it. If you are looking for materials to create photo effects, then this lesson is perfect, especially it will be relevant in the summer.

Step 1

Create a new layer and fill it with a seamless sand texture.

Add a new layer and paste a girl on it, as shown below. To remove the background, use any selection tool. The most convenient way to create a stroke along the contour of the girl using Pen Tool (P) (Pen), convert it to a regular selection and cut.

Note: You can read more about selection tools in Photoshop Tutorial.

Name the girl layer “Girl” and duplicate it (Ctrl + J). Rename the copy to “Drawing from the sand.”

Step 2

Set the foreground color to black and the rear color to white. Move on Filter – Filter Gallery – Sketch – Photocopy (Filter – Filter Gallery – Sketch – Photocopy).

Then go Image – Adjustments – Threshold (Image – Correction – Threshold) and apply the parameters as shown below.

Double click on the layer with the girl and add a layer style Stroke (Stroke). Size (Size) set to 3 pixels, Position (Position) – on Inside (Inside) black color.

Right-click on the “Sand Pattern” layer and select Convert to Smart Object (Convert to smart object). Open the window Layer Style (Layer style) and find the parameter Blend If (Overlay if) at the bottom of the window. Set the top white slider to about 16.

Step 3

Above we create a new layer and paste a texture with shells on it. Via Eraser Tool (E) (Eraser) remove pebbles and shells, which, in your opinion, superfluous.

If you want, you can add any text. To do this, use the font Biffe’s Calligraphy or any other that will fit into the composition.

Step 4

Duplicate the shell layer.

Select the “Drawing on Sand” layer, one of the copies of the shell layer and the text layer (while holding down the Ctrl key to select several layers at the same time). Click on the selected layers with the right mouse button and select Convert to Smart Object (Convert to smart object). We call the created smart object “The effect of the picture on the sand.”

Duplicate the “Pattern Effect on Sand” layer and call the copy “Pattern Effect on Sand 1”.

Move the “Girl” layer to the very top of the layers panel. Add a mask to it by clicking on the button. Add layer mask (Add layer mask) at the bottom of the layers panel, then press Ctrl + I to invert the mask color from white to black and hide the contents of the layer.

Double-click on the “Pattern Effect on Sand 1” layer to add multiple layer styles and create a pattern effect or lettering on the sand.

Step 5

For layer style Texture (Texture) use the image below. Save it, open it in Photoshop and go Edit – Define Pattern (Editing – Define a pattern) to save as a pattern.

For the “Picture Effect on Sand” layer, add the following layer styles to make the result more realistic.

Step 6

Above the sandy layer we add a new layer and paste a picture of the beach onto it. We apply a mask to the texture and black brush (B) remove unnecessary details.

Above all previous layers we add another new layer and insert a picture with sand and sea on it. Add a mask to the layer and with a soft round brush (B) of black color we hide the sand, leaving only water.

If you want to add a 3D effect, go to the “Girl” layer and use a soft white brush (B) to drag the mask to restore some details. Also reduce Opacity (opacity) layer up to 80%.

Step 7

If you wish, you can add a green accent in the form of a frame of leaves. We paste it into the working paper and duplicate it several times. Distribute copies around the perimeter of the document. To make the result more realistic, adjust the size of the leaves, as well as apply to some Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) to create a defocus effect.

Congratulations, you did it!

As a final touch, use the filter. Filter – Other – High Pass (Filter – Other – Color Contrast). This is what the finished effect of the picture on the sand looks like.

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