Making the eyes of an alien in Photoshop

In 2012, according to the assurances of some specialists, the guests will be flooded from space. Someone has already met them. For those whom they have bypassed, the lesson is intended, how in a few steps you can turn a friend’s photo into an interesting snapshot of someone else’s, sweet and terrible …

Step 1. Open the photo. We increase the larger eyes.

Step 2. Using the tool “Lasso“(Lasso) (L) select the area as in the figure and fill the selection with black color using the tool “Fill (Paint Bucket) (G),

Step 3. Add a new layer. Choose the tool “Brush (Brush) (B), change the color to white, the diameter of the brush is small (depending on the size of your eye pattern) and draw several strokes parallel to the upper eyelid. Do not overdo it! After that, choose “Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur»(Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur), the value of 1.2 – 1.3. This is what should happen:

Step 4. Add another layer. Tool “Brush (Brush) (B), the color is white, the diameter of the brush will be chosen more, we draw a solid line parallel to the lower eyelid. Next, select “Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur(Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur), but the value of 3 – 3.5.

Step 5. The last layer with a wide line is applicable “Opacityь (Opacity) 40-50%.

Step 6. Add another layer between the background and the bottom layer of the eye. Tool Brush“(Brush) (B), the color is black, the diameter of the brush will be chosen even more, we outline the eye with a solid line.

Step 7. Select “Filter – Blur – Blur according to Gauss” (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur), the value of 50 – 60.

Step 8. Repeat these steps with the second eye (unless your buddy is a cyclops). This is what can happen:

Transfer: MIOLAN

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