Mosaic effect

Step 1. Open the image you want to edit, you can enlarge the photo, even if you see problems on the skin or pixels.

Step 2. Apply Filter \ Design \ Mosaic (Filter \ Pixelate \ Mosaic). The cell size is your choice, since the author likes all the different color details in this image, the cell size is relatively small: 9 squares (square). Remember the size of the cell you asked!

Step 3. Now create a new document with a height and width equal to the size of your specified cell (in our case 9 px), the background is transparent, increase the size of the document to 1600% (hold ctrl and press “+” on the keyboard) and tool “Oval area” (EllipticalMarqueeTool) make a circular selection.

Step 4. Invert selection (Shift + Ctrl + I), fill with white color, deselect (Ctrl + D) and in the menu Editing \ Define pattern (Edit \ Define Pattern) save our pattern (the color of the author is green in order to show the white fill, we do not need to fill it with green).

Step 5. Let’s return to our image. Create a new layer and fill it with any color, apply the following layer styles:

“Overlay Settings” (blending options):
Fill Opacity: 0

“Pattern overlap” (Pattern Overlay):

And that’s what happened with us:

Another option (cell size of 20 squares (step 2)) and color (fills in the pattern (step 4)) black:

Good luck!

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