Mutant beasts

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create mutants with you!

What does it mean?
We will combine, combine into one body, two completely different animals.

For example, dove and dolphin! Well, what between them can be common?
Almost nothing.

But look at this mutant, it seems that such an animal actually exists.

If such a monster arrives on your window sill – this is a sign. A sign that enough is already sitting at the computer, and it’s time to take a walk!

So, let’s start creating this cute little birdie.

We find two photos that you liked, and it seems to you that when combining these pictures you get a funny animal.

It turned out that the coloring of the pigeon and the dolphin are the same, but this is not necessary.

1. We reduce the photo with the dolphin, reflect horizontally, move it to the pigeon.

2. At the bottom of the layers palette, click on the icon (add layer mask). A white rectangle will appear near the icon of the dolphin layer – this is a mask.

We take a black brush, while tough, and erase all unnecessary.
I basically got rid of the water green.

3. Combine two heads. Switch to a softer brush and continue to process the head. When you need to reduce the transparency of the layer with the head of a dolphin, adjust the size (Ctrl + T).

The head of the village, but it still belongs to the dolphin. Give out a drop of water, gloss smooth skin, white dolphin cheek. This needs to be fixed.

4. Using the Healing Brush tool remove the drops.

We clamp Alt and click on the clean area, release and click on a drop.

5. Now you can even the color of the head with the body (as I said, in your case, the head and body may differ in color)

Go to the menu Image – Correction – Color Balance (Image – Adjustment – Color Balance)

I’ll just reduce the amount of red on the dolphin’s head.

If necessary, correct the colors not only in the mid-tones, but also in the shadows, and in the highlights.

6. Now I need to mask the dolphin’s head a little bit of brilliance and smoothness.

I create a new layer, immediately reduce its transparency to 40%. I turn to the main with a dove. I take the tool stamp , the brush is soft.
Clamping Alt and determine the copy area (click on the feathers).

Returning to the newly created layer and starting to paint right on the head.

Now she has become matte and does not shine.

7. You can earn some money with the tools Dimmer and clarifier .

You can still put a pigeon eye, and it will turn out like this:

Such a pigeon was before the operation to move the head.

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