Mystical effect

A simple way to turn your photo into a mystical image.

Step 1. Open your chosen image.

Step 2. Create a duplicate layer by clicking Ctrl+J. Navigate Image> Adjustments>
Desaturate (“Image – Correction – Discolor”) or click
Ctrl+Shift+U. Then go Image> Adjustments> Invert (“Image – correction – inversion”) or click Ctrl+I.

Step 3. For duplicate, apply blending options. LinearLight (“Linear light”).

Step 4. Merge layers by clicking Ctrl+E. Copy the resulting layer and apply to it Filter> Blur> GaussianBlur (“Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur”) with the following settings:

Use layer blending options. LinearLight (“Linear light”). After that, your image should look something like this:

Step 5. Merge the layers again. Now, click D, to restore the default background and primary colors (black and white). Create a new layer by clicking Ctrl+Shift+N. Navigate Filter> Render> Clouds (“Filter – Rendering – Clouds”):

Step 6. Overlay parameters for this layer Screen (“Brightening”) opacity 80%:

Step 7. And finally, the last stage: go to Layer > NewAdjustmentLayer> GradientMap (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Gradient Map ”) and in the menu that appears, select the Lighten mode:

Then, select the gradient:

And here is the end result!

My version:

Author: ttutorials.blogspot

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