Night effects

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will try to reproduce with you the effect of glowing lines from passing cars. This effect is obtained when we photograph a night city with a long exposure on a camera.

Here are examples of photos taken in this way:

1 step

Take a photo with the road on which we want to add a light effect.

2 step

We start drawing light strips, for this we need the Pen tool

In contour mode draw a contour repeating the bend of the road.

Create a new layer . Set the brush size (I had a big picture, so the size was 25 px), medium softness and peach color (# fa8966)

Switch to Pen, right click, select command Stroke path (Run a contour stroke), a tick next to “Simulate pressure” is not necessary.

Click OK.

Here, we got the first ray.

Key combination Ctrl + H, will help to hide the outline.

3 step

Let’s make the beam shine.
For this we need to add Layer Style – Outer Glow (Layer Style – Outer Glow)

Here you will need to choose the color of the glow and choose the scope and size:

Now the beam is lit.

Duplicate the layer with the beam 3 times, place as follows using Ctrl + T (free transformation):

Or you could draw a contour for each ray, then copy the style created for the first ray to all the others.

This we drew light rays from those cars that are traveling from us.

4 step

Now let’s get down to creating rays from cars that are moving towards us, respectively, their headlights will be white.

Here I will have to create my own contour for each ray and it will turn out like this:

Do not forget to add style to the white stripes. External glow, for the color of the glow, you can choose light yellow or light orange.

5 step

We merge all layers with rays into one layer (select them with Shift and press Ctrl + E)

Duplicate the ray layer.

The top layer changes the blending mode to Linear dodge (Linear Dodge)

Apply a filter to the bottom layer with rays Blur – Motion Blur (Blur – Blur in motion).
Select the filter settings yourself, see how this vague light effect will look more impressive and interesting.

If the fantasy you have played out, then you can continue the experiments. Change the color of lines and their glow using Layer Styles, duplicate a layer with lines, apply different filters to the duplicate, use different blending modes and vary the opacity parameter … etc. etc.

Successful experiments in the program Photoshop!

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