Orange Porsche

In this Photoshop tutorial you will see how to make an orange porsche!
The most interesting thing is how to glue the orange skin on the car. Watch the lesson carefully and repeat.

Open the photo or picture of the car.
You can train on BMW, you can download the brush with the machine here.

Find an orange picture, open it in Photoshop.
Select an orange area and copy it to a new layer (Ctrl + J)

We return to the document with the car. Drag an orange.
Temporarily reduce the opacity of the orange to 70-80%; we need it to see the silhouette of the car.

Go to the menu Editing – Free Transformation – Warp (Edit> Free Transform and Transform> Warp). You should have a grid. Pulling the knots and guides, change the shape of the orange as shown in the figure.

Do not forget about the filter Plastics (Liquify), which also helps you in this difficult task.

Now with Pen and the White arrow draw the outline of the car’s bumper.

Right click on the contour – To form a selected area (Make selection).

With the active selection and the orange layer go to the bottom of the palette and press the button Add layer mask (Add layer mask).
All unnecessary details hide, and the selected area will remain.

To restore the relief of the car, you will need to add highlights and shadows to the new texture.
We do it on new layers.
So, take a soft white brush in the mode Overlap (Overlay) or Soft light (Soft Light) and start adding highlights. Watch for transparency, achieve a natural look.

For shadows it is better to use blend mode – Multiplication (Multiply)

Follow the steps you already know to create new auto parts.

Look at the car fully covered in orange peel:

To create a soft highlight on the hood, use the pen to create a selection around the hood perimeter. On a new layer, draw a gradient from white to transparent.
Apply a filter to the gradient. Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur Filter) and blend mode Overlap (Overlay Blending Mode).

Now we will add some volume to the parts of the car.
Add a layer style Inner shadow (Inner Shadow).

The black parts of the car were drawn with Pen and filled with gradients.

If you have not finished filling the car parts with orange peels, then continue …

The upper highlight on the door of the car, as before, is done with the help of a white soft brush in the Overlap mode. And for the lower flare, use the overlap mode – Soft Light.

Almost finished work!

Let’s do the headlights!

Using Per, we create an oval that is larger than the headlight itself. Fill with white and transparent gradient mode Overlap (Overlay)

Download the selection of the previous figure, go to the menu Editing – perform a stroke (Edit> Stroke).

Parameters for stroke set the following: color – black, size: 1-2px; outside (outside).

Soft Eraser erase the back of the stroke:

Place the orange right on the spotlight.

Make the cutout the same as in the picture below.
Under the orange ring, place an oval picture of juicy and bright orange pulp.

Add layer styles to the pulp layer Inner shadow (Inner shadow) and Internal glow (Inner Glow).

Create a highlight on the spotlight: draw an oval, fill it with a white and black gradient, change the mode to Lighteninge (Screen) and Opacity ~70%.

Here is the machine now with wonderful eyes!

The details of the car remain on your conscience.
It remains to work the wheels, draw alloy wheels, arrange interior …

At the end you need to add the shadow of the car, a spectacular background.
You can fill the background with a radial white and black gradient. Be sure to scatter oranges next to the car – after all, these are the heroes of today’s lesson!

You can dream up and come up with some additional effects.

For example, Auto on a black background with reflection, plus rays of light falling from above!

This is the result!

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