Photoshop background

This Photoshop tutorial is about creating a cool background for your desktop.

Create a new document: 800×800.
Then go to menu Edit – Fill (Edit – Fill), select the type: Pattern and set the same texture as in the drawing (bubble). Click OK.

Now go to menu Filter-> Distort-> Polar Coordinates (Filter – Distortion – Polar coordinates)

Choose: Rectangular to polar (Rectangular to Polar)

Then apply: Filter-> Distort-> Pinch (Filter – Distortion – Distortion), parameter = 100%

Click 3 times CTRL + F , to repeat the filter action.

Now apply: Filter-> Distort-> Spherize (Filter – Distortion – Spherization). Set the setting to -100%

3 times apply filter (CTRL + F)

It is necessary to slightly soften the pattern on the corners of the image. To do this, take and make the same selection as shown:

Now invert the selection. Select-> Inverse (Selection – Invert)

Then apply the filter: Filter-> Blur-> Radial Blur (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur)

Amount: 70.
Blur Method (method): Zoom,
Quality (quality): Good (good).

You need to choose the color yourself with the tool. hue / saturation (color / saturation). Ctrl + U.

Now can use as background or screensaver.

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