Photoshop Tubes

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn a simple way to draw round volumetric multicolored tubes. Such funny images you can use in the manufacture of posters and wallpapers on your desktop.

Create a new document. 600 x 600

Take the tool and draw a rectangular selection of size 100px in height, then fill it with blue.

Draw a second selection about 50px in height. Place it directly above the previous one. Fill with blue.

Again make a selection so that it overlaps the middle of the blue and blue stripes. See how they did it in the picture:

Filter-> Pixelate-> Color Halftone (Filter – Appearance – Colored halftone)

– Max. Radius (Max. Radius: 10px)
– set “0” for all channels

And again we single out, but now the entire color area is completely. Then set the feathering: Select-> Feather->3px (Selection – Feather);

Filter-> Blur-> Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion)

Angle / angle: 90
Distance: 60px

Then Filter-> Sharpen-> Sharpen (Sharpness).
Click CTRL + F twice to repeat the filter action.

Now click CTRL + D.

Now go to menu Filter-> Distort-> Polar Coordinates (Filter – Distortion – Polar coordinates)

Choose: Rectangular to polar (Rectangular to Polar)

Then you need to use , to select and cut the tube from the picture and place it in any other place.

Add a little tube volume:

Your template is ready. Now, by changing the color, using the HUE / SATURATION tool (Ctrl + U), you can still create a whole bunch of multicolored tubes.

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