Picture of rhinestones

Hello to all. I really liked the pictures made with rhinestones, I decided to do something similar in Photoshop.

Here are the options for my work:

Maybe you will be interested in this lesson.


Open a new document, fill the background with black. Create a new layer. Ctrl + Shift + N.

Stage one. Create a picture.
First of all, install soft brush size and data as in the screenshot. White colour!

There is a limitless field for your skills, abilities and imagination. You can create a drawing yourself, you can take ready-made brushes, you can turn it from the desired photo. The main thing is that you can draw its outlines (we only need them for the picture). You can draw with the brush you set at once, you can draw with the pen and stroke with the brush you set – as you like. So, we start to paint on a new layer with a brush with the given values.

For drawing small parts, respectively, reduce the diameter of the brush, and for smoother and thinner lines, we use the following settings:

After you have completed the drawing, we give it a glow. Use the color – d1fff8. Go to the layer style, select external glow with the following settings:

So, we get:

Stage Two. Coloring rhinestones. Here, too, you can apply a lot of ways depending on your desires. I did this.

1. Create a new layer Ctrl + Shift + N, and reduce the transparency of the newly created layer. Opacity: 50%. So it will be better to see where to paint over.
2. Take soft tassel . I took to start the red color and paint our drawing.

3. Next, we experiment with the choice of colors and the size of the brushes and continue to smear on the image. It is not necessary to sketch with a jeweler’s precision, but you should not get too carried away with large empty spaces either. When finished, we again return the layer transparency to 100% and this is what we have:

4. Now blur the image according to Gauss, for this we go to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) and set the value to about 25 pixels.

5. Now change the layer blending mode to Overlap (Overlay) or Bright color (Vivid Light) and reduce the transparency of the layer to 25% (although here, too, to taste). We get:

In the final part, you can add any shimmer to your taste with a brush to add shine to the stones and the picture.

I will give an example of how I painted a girl or how you can make a picture of rhinestones using the desired photo.

Take a photo:

Copy the layer (ctrl + J) – set the blending mode to Lightening basics (Color Dodge) – then invert the image (ctrl + I) – blur the Gaus 7 pixels. – create a new adjustment layer – Isogelium. Values ​​are set to approximately 210 (so that the lines are clear, but not too wide).

Merge all layers. Create a new layer on top of the core and hard. brush in white (approximately 9-6 pixels in size) we draw the unnecessary lines and strokes.

After that, invert the image again (ctrl + I)

and drag on our black background. On top of this picture on the new layer installed (as was written in the first example in the second stage of work) brush or pen draw the image. Then turn off the layer with the girl and leave only our drawing and background. Merge the layers.
Get it

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