Plastic wall

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll turn an ordinary background into a molten plastic wall.

Step 1:

Select a photo, it is desirable that it be made on a solid monophonic background. Remember that the final result will depend entirely on the background color that is in the photo at the moment.

Step 2:

Right-click on the layer and select the Duplicate Layer command.

Step 3:

Open the “Styles” palette – go to the Window – Styles menu, and if this palette is already open, just skip this action.

In the Styles panel, click on the small arrow and select the Image Effects package.

Here is what your styled window will now look like:

Step 4:

Choose style “Puzzle” (PUZZLE).

The sizes of the pieces will directly depend on the size of your photo. Do not worry yet about the size, then we will fix everything.

Go to the duplicate layer, right-click and select the Blending Options command

Next, select the style “Emboss”, in the “Texture” sublayer, set the size and scale for the puzzles.

Step 5:

Click CTRL + SHIFT + N (create a new layer), select the new layer and the duplicate layer (hold CTRL to select them together),
click on Ctrl + E, to drain these layers.

Step 6:

Take Eraser , set the soft edges.

Erase the texture from the object in the photo, leave only the background.
Be very careful here.

Here’s what happened:

Step 7:

Go to the menu Filter – Filter Gallery … (Filter – Filter Gallery) and select Imitation – Thermal Packaging (“Plastic Warp”).

Here you have to choose the settings for your photo.

Try to get something like this:

Duplicate the new layer, the one with the effect.

Hold CTRL and click on the background layer to load the selection:

Step 8:

Choose two colors: light and black (background), here as light – pink (# ffedf5).

Go to menu Filter – Rendering – Clouds (Filter – Render – Clouds).

Click CTRL + D (remove selection)

Step 9:

Select your new cloud layer and change the blending mode to “Overlay”

Done! Here is the result! The girl on the background of the molten plastic wall.

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