Poisonous background

We open the new document in the size 400×400 px.

Create a new layer and fill it with black.

Apply two filters:

We go to Filter> Render> Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds),
further in Filter> Render> Different Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds with overlay)

Another filter – Filter> Stylize> Glowing Edges (Filter – Stylization – Edge Glow) with settings as shown:

Here is what we got:

Make a copy of layer 1, and change the setting Blending mode (Layer blend mode) on “Screen“(Lightening (Screen)).

Next, we go to Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal
(Editing – Transformation – Flip Horizontal)

Next, click Ctrl + E, to merge layers layer 1 and layer 1 copy.

Then choose a team Edit> Transform> Flip Vertical (Editing – Transformation – Flip Vertically).

Make a copy of layer 1 and change the blending mode setting to “Hard light“(hard light)

Here’s what we got:

Now we just have to color our creation.

We go to Filter> Render> Lighting Effects (Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects) with the following settings:

Style: blue omnidirectional
type: light bulb

Here is the final image:

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