Portrait in Bubbles

In this tutorial we will create a background from bubbles.

1. Apply this gradient to the background.

2. Duplicate the layer.
Filter> Distortion> Zig-Zag (Filter> Distort> Zig Zag). Apply the parameters as shown below.

3. Apply the transformation (Ctrl + T) and reduce the image, change the blending mode to “linear dimmer»(” Linear Burn “).

4. Add a picture of a girl.

5. Duplicate the layer. Reduce transparency. Press Ctrl + T. Create a reflection from the object.

6. Now we will create a brush – “bubbles”. Create a new layer. Using the elliptical selection tool , holding down the Shift key, draw such a circle.

7. Double click on the layer icon to open the style window. Apply the following settings:

Inner shadow:



eight. Edit> define as brush (edit> define brush preset) Save this image as a brush for drawing bubbles.

9. Create a large circle on the new layer using the elliptical selection tool and fill it with a gradient.

ten. Select> Modify> Squeeze (select> modify> contract). Use value = 10 px.

11. Deselect (Ctrl + D).

12. Create a new layer. Fill it with black. Filter> lighting> highlight (Filter> render> lens flare).
Apply the following settings.

13. Change the blending mode to Lightening (Screen)

14. Choose black as the foreground color and white as the background color. Create a new layer. Select the brush we created. In order to finish our background, draw bubbles on the whole image, reduce the transparency of this layer.

Author: photoshop101

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