Princess of Persia

Good day. I will tell you how to create an effect like on a movie poster. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

So, we need images:

Materials for the lesson:

In any convenient way for you, separate the girl from the background and transfer to a new background.

Correct the girl. Add contrast to Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast on +10. Next, go to Image – Correction – Photo Filter. We set the following settings:

Next, go to Image – Correction – Light / Shadows. We set the following settings:

Next, we should select the girl’s hand with a dagger and copy the selection to a new layer. Next you need to select the dagger and cut it on a new layer. A sheet is visible on the girl’s thumb, you can cover it up. stamped .

Create a new layer above the girl, pinch Ctrl and click on the image of the layer with the girl, she should stand out. Take a soft black brush small in size with an opacity of 6 and begin to draw a shadow on the nose, shoulder, and the far arm of the girl. It should turn out like this:

Next, select the colorf5d567, brush we take 100% rigid, the size 2px, opacity 100. We choose the tool Pen and trace the hand of the girl. When the line appears obstructed, press the right mouse button, select the outline of the contour, select Brush . Then you can delete the contour, also by clicking on it with the right mouse button and continue to select. It is necessary to highlight the silhouette of the hand, the bones in front of the fingers and the silhouette of the fingers, you can circle the bracelet.

Double click on the layer with stroke and set the layer style External glow:

Create a new layer under the stroke, but above the layer with the hand. Choosing a color # d6802c, we clamp Ctrl and click on the image of the layer with the hand, so that one hand stands out. Paint over the hand, because There is a selection, then there will not be a brush outside the hand. make sure you paint on a new layer and not paint over the original of the hand. Then take the tool dimmer with settings: Range of Light, Exposure 7% and draw shadows here:

Apply a layer style to this layer:

And put blending mode for this layer on blackout base. Here’s what happens:

Then create a new layer above the girl and draw a big soft orange brush on top of the girl where the light from her hand should fall on her:

And put this layer blending mode on multiplication. Then on another new layer lighter orange (closer to yellow) brush draw a glow around the arm and the dagger:

Put this layer blending mode on lightening basics. Also in the same place, with a slightly larger radius on the new layer, draw an orange brush one more glow and set the blend mode to soft light.

Next, transfer the layer with the cut out dagger on top of all layers. Create a new layer above it, being on a new layer. pinching Ctrl and click on the dagger layer, then color it like this:

And put blending mode on linear dimmer. Open the image Fire2, copy it on top of all layers and soft eraser with varying degrees of transparency, seek the following image:

Then from the image Fire1 I copied two flames and placed them on different layers behind the layer with the hand. After working with an eraser and lowering the opacity, I got the following:

It’s time to create sand. Take brush orange with a hardness of 100%, opacity 100, 3px in size and go to the brush settings: in the screenshot, the button that opens the settings is circled in red, it is located on the right and right stiffness and opacity settings panel. We set the following settings:

Now in orange color, changing the brush size from 3px to 4px, we draw sand on a new layer above the other layers:

And then with the same color that we drew a 3px stroke or even 2px with a sand brush we paint small grains of sand over the stroke:

Here you can see the result of the lesson in a larger size.

I hope the lesson was useful for you, it turns out the practice of applying blending modes, using Pen, brushes and light / shadows.

Thanks for attention. Your Irina.

Author: Irina

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