Quick effect of pencil drawing in Photoshop

Looking for a way to turn a photo into a pencil sketch? The beginner tutorial will show you how with three layers you can create this effect.

Final result

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

In the screenshot below, the photo that we use in this lesson. For best results, you should use a photo with a resolution of about 6 mega pixels or lower (3000 × 2000 px).

Step 2

We will create an effect using a non-destructive method that uses the minimum number of layers and which allows for additional correction at any time. First convert our original image to Smart object (Smart Object), for this we go Layer – Smart Object – Convert to Smart Object (Layer> Smart Objects> Convert to Smart Object). Transforming the image layer into a smart object will allow you to apply Smart Filters (Smart Object), the settings of which you can change at any time.

Smart object (Smart Objects) can be identified by the icon that appears in the lower right corner of the layer thumbnail.

Step 3

Duplicate the layer twice, then rename the layers Circuit(Outline) Left Diagonal touches(Left Diagonal Strokes), and Rights Diagonal Strokes(Right Diagonal Strokes), naming the layers from top to bottom, respectively.

Hide the visibility of the two upper layers, go to the bottom layer.

Step 4

Being on the bottom layer, we go Filter– Gallery of filters(Filter> Filter Gallery) .In the folder Sketch(Sketch) select filter Ink(Graphic Pen), in the settings Direction strokes(Stroke Direction), set the option By diagonals to the right(Right Diagonal), then adjust the settings. Lengths stroke(stroke length) and Tonal balance(light / dark balance). Click OK to apply the values.

Translator’s Note: author settings Stroke Length (stroke length) 15, Tnew balance (light / dark balance) 50.

Step 5

Turn on layer visibility Left Diagonal Strokes (Left Diagonal Strokes), while on this layer, repeat the previous step, but this time set the option Diagonally to the left (Left Diagonal). In settings Stroke direction (stroke direction).

Step 6

Reduce the opacity of the current layer. Left Diagonal Strokes (Left Diagonal Strokes) up to 50%.

Result at the moment.

Step 7

Now we will add the contour. Turn on third layer visibility Circuit (Outline), being on this layer, we go Filter – Stylization – Edge selection (Filter> Stylize> Find Edges). Change the blending mode for this layer to Multiplication (Multiply). On the image appeared separate color shades, which are not very attractive. Therefore, we need to get rid of color shades in the next step.

Step 8

You can not add a filter Discolor (Desaturate) or Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) right on Smart filter (Smart Object), however, you can add them as adjustment layers through Layers – New Adjustment Layer (Layers> New Adjustment Layer). There is another interesting way is to use Layer styles (layer styles) to discolor the layer. Personally, I prefer this method, because it does not require the addition of an additional layer.

For bleaching use Layer styles (layer styles), apply the option Color overlay (Color Overlay), let’s go Layer – Layer Styles – Color Overlay (Layer> Layer Style> Color Overlay). Set the color to white, gray or black (no matter what color), then change the blending mode to Chromaticity (Color). Click OK to apply the set values, and the colors will disappear!

We have completed the lesson! The image will look like in the screenshot below. The next step is selective, but you must try it out if you want to create the effect of a pencil drawing in color.

Step 9

To make the colors appear again, duplicate the layer. Circuit(Outline), then delete the layer styles and the smart filter, for this we first go Layer – Styles layer – clear styles layer (Layer> Layer Style> Clear Layer Styles), and then go Layer– – Smart-filters – Take off smart-filter(Layer> Smart Filters> Clear Smart Filters). Change the blending mode for this duplicate layer to Chromaticity (Color), rename the layer to “Color” and we’ve finished the lesson!

Final result

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