Radiant effect

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to add a “radiant” effect to a light source in a photo.

The light source may be the sun, moon, lamp, etc.

So, open the photo you are going to work with:

1. Create a new layer (Layer> New> Layer).
2. Take the fill tool (Paint bucket tool) and fill the new layer with black.

3. Then go to the main menu to add a filter.
Filter> Render> Difference Clouds

* If the resulting clouds are not black and white, then change the colors in the palette to black and white.

4. Then add another filter to the same layer. “radial blur”
Filter> Blur> Radial Blur

Set the center of the blur in place of the light source.

Set the intensity parameter to approximately 90 (you can safely adjust it if this size does not suit you)

5. Change the blending mode for the blur layer to Overlay. You might also like Soft light.

And now, enjoy the result!

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