Realistic fire

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a realistic fire. It is done very simply! Look at what you end up with:

First, create a new file, approximately the size of 600×500 px. Fill it with black. Now we will use Filter-> Render-> Cloud (Filter-> Rendering-> Clouds).

Further we use Filter -> Render-> different clouds (Filter-> Rendering-> Clouds with overlay).
Press several times Ctrl + F, until it looks like a real fire.

Take a soft black brush size 45 px. And paint about half of our fire, so that the flames appear.

Next we will give the flame an even more realistic look. We go Filter -> Liquify (Filter-> Plastic … or Shift + Ctrl + X), take the Deformation tool (W) in the window that opens and draw out a little so that the tongues of flame are formed.

Now we just have to color our fire. We go Image -> adjustment -> Gradient map (Image-> Correction-> Gradient Map) and set there about parameters:

Well, our fire is ready. It is very similar to the present.

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