Rebellious spirit

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an amazing illustration that can be printed as a poster and hung on your wall. I will write step by step, from beginning to end, so that you can follow them and clearly understand what I am going through, creating this collage.
Inspired by melody Bob Marley – Soul Rebel

In this lesson I will not go into small details, since you already know enough to understand what will be done, but if you have questions, ask them in the comments.
To begin with this image, as usual, I spent my time searching for it on stock sites, looking at photos that attracted my attention. An image with a picture of a girl in full growth was suitable for me.

Materials for the lesson:

So, I open a new 18x24in 300dpi file in Photoshop, because in the end, if you get a good image, I can print it to hang it on the wall. You should always work with high resolution, so your work can be printed with quality.
I selected a girl and placed her on a light gray background – this is where my image begins.

All I want to do is work with a photo of a girl, changing her color and lighting. To begin, add Image> Adjustments> Curves (Image> Correction> Curves) with settings that give a blue tint to the photo.

Curve Settings:
Output: 119
Input: 157

Red (Red)
Output: 121
Input: 153

Green (Green)
Output: 165
Input: 133

Blue (Blue)
Output: 149
Input: 99

The result is good, and I want to make the colors more similar, so I will make the bright blue color more like the color of the cap by going to the menu Image> Adjustment> Replace Color (Image> Correction> Replace Color) Click on any part of the bright blue and replace it with a magenta color using the following settings:

And your result should look like this:

This is almost what I need, it is always good to spend time at the beginning to get a good result at the end. All I want to do now is to improve the color of her face, so I duplicate the layer with her photo and use Image> Adjustments> Contrast (Image> Correction> Contrast) (Brightness: 20 Contrast: 0)
And on layer mask (if you created it, if not, create one) use the tool Gradient tool (Gradient), to leave only the top glow.

Now I will create a new layer above the girl layer and use the “41 Grunge Brushes” brush pack.
So, choose a pair of different brushes from this package and paint over the left side of the image with the girl, using the same colors as in her image. Using the tool Eyedropper tool (Pipette) Click on the girl to select a color and color the new layer created by him, and the result should look like this:

Now, to give an even better look, I’ll go back to the girl layer and on the layer mask I will paint the left edge with black, using the same grunge brushes to create the impression that the painting was painted on this side, and I will also cut the other leg at an angle.

I want to use an angle to create a base for the glow on her left leg, and perhaps a direction for the text, in case I decide to write something later.
Therefore, I create a couple of lines on a new layer located above the background layer, these lines will set a special look on the background, and also help me with the direction of the workspace space.

So, now I’ll start working on the background, I like what I’ve got at the moment, and I’ll try to create an abstract background so that I can mix it with what I have.
Therefore, I create a new layer above the layer with a gray background and using the tool Radial gradient tool (Radial gradient), I will draw a circle from the center to create the best lighting for the girl. Install fill layer (fill) by 75%.

Now, I want to add something to the background, so I take a photo of Boke, which I have discolored and added to the background by setting layer mode on soft lightand Fill by 46%.
I used the Bokeh photo from Ermenelwen.

My background already looks good, but we still have a lot of work to give it the right look, which we need for an impressionable result. I like to experiment a lot, I try to do a lot of things until I get the result that I share with you guys, so always try different options and you will get the best result.
My new layer will have a dark area at the bottom, I used Radial gradient tool (Radial gradient), to create a dark area below, as you see here, by applying the value Fill (Fill) 80%.

Once again I am creating a new layer and using the tool Polygonal Lasso Tool (Polygonal lasso), select the bottom right of the image at the same angle as the leg was cut, and apply Linear gradient (Linear gradient) white.

Set the value Fill (Fill) 20% to get this look:

Now, using Pattern (Pattern), I do by creating a gray circle in the middle of a 30 px square document that you see here:

Set this pattern with a transparent background. Now create a new layer and select the middle part of the background and Edit> Fill (Edit> Fill), use the pattern you just created.
For a better view, add a mask to the layer, and using Gradient tool (Gradient), I create a shadow at its bottom, as you see here:

Now I am going to create a new layer and take a regular round brush, go into the brush settings and mark Scattering (Scattering) and paint the entire layer black, white and gray, as you see here:

Now apply Filter>Blur>MotionBlur (Filter> Blur> Blur in motion) with settings Angle (Angle): 45 Distance(Distance): 600 and set the layer mode to Vivid light (Bright light), and you should have something like this: (if it’s too dark, you can use brightness / contrast (brightness / contrast) to make the effect lighter).

On the new layer, I will apply the color, now I am creating the yellow bar following the one I created at the beginning, I set the layer mode to Overlay (Overlap) and Fill (Fill) by 25%.
And you can also see what you should get with the background layers:

I’m going to use this photo to add New York City behind, and I will place it above the background layer.

Discolor photo Image>Adjustment>Desaturate (Image> Correction> Discolor) and install Fill (Fill) by 40%.

Our background is getting better, now above the layer with yellow stripes we will create another layer to which we will add white light using the tool Radial gradient (Radial gradient).

Create another layer and using the tool Single Column Marquee Tool (Selection column), create a bunch of lines. When you get enough lines, turn them at a 45-degree angle and place them at the top right, as you see in the image.

Now it’s time to add a special look to the image by adding a tiger breaking out of the body. So, when I always had this picture for a long time, I felt I could find good use for her, which I did.
Photos from the site

I selected the tiger, I don’t need to create the perfect selection, since we are going to apply the same technique that was applied to the girl with 41 Grunge Brushes, apply them around the selection on the layer mask and set the layer to Overlay (Overlap).
You should have something like this:

I want to add some smoke in the background, so I create a new layer and use a packet of brushes in the form of smoke. Add some smoke on the right side and set the fill layer (Fill) by 50%.

In the same way as we created yellow stripes, we will create a green strip, just in the upper part, set the layer mode to Soft light (Soft light) and fill to 75%.

If you followed all the steps, here you can look at the layers that you should end up with.

At the moment we got a pretty good result, I know that the colors do not really make an impression, but I like to keep everything last. Now I want to add some dust at the bottom, because I suppose to add text to this place.
So, for starters, I will use the photo of the Galaxy that I have.

Paste it into our image above the girl layer and place it at the bottom right, discolor the layer and set the layer mode to Exclusion (Exception), also add a layer mask to it and go around the edges, as they should not be coarse. Here’s how it should turn out:

Now on the new layer I’m going to add some smoke in the same part to add a little space.

Another thing I want to do is create a new layer and add those grunge brushes to the bottom of the girl to mix everything up better, so I use dark colors.
Now our background is sufficiently filled, and we got to the point, because it seems that everything is located in its place and looks good to better mix the girl with the background, I will add text at an angle to the right, where the leg connects to the line.

As I listened to Bob Marley throughout the process of creating this image, I wanted to call it Soul Rebel (Rebellious Spirit), because this song sounded in my thoughts, and I continued to play it when I finished working on the image.

So, I wrote SOUL REBEL, using the MOD font, set the value Fill (Fill) at 61%, and to give the text the same mood, I applied the same effect to the font using grunge brushes, as you can see.

Then in small letters I wrote LET YOUR INSIDE OUT in dark color and set Fill (Fill) at 69%, but the dark color merges with the background, and it is difficult to distinguish it, so I create a new layer under it, and I draw a small white line with an ordinary white brush, using a little motion blur to expand the line and place it straight under the text as I did here:

At this stage, I can say that my composition is ready, and I really like what I did, now I want to play with flowers most of all. There are many ways in which I do this, and I am sure that many people do it differently.
I added a new layer above all layers, painted it bright yellow and set the layer mode to Linear burn (Line dimmer).

Now let’s create another layer above the previous one, I’m going to paint it with light magenta and set the layer mode to Linear Light (Linear light) and Fill (Fill) by 75%.
As a result, you will get such a beautiful color for our image.

Now, as a final touch, I create a new layer and add a very light blue color using the tool Gradient tool / Radial gradient (Gradient / Radial gradient), I paint my image with light blue in a circle, then apply layer mode Soft light (Soft light) and Fill (Fill) on 35% You can see the result on the image.
I really like the result, but I want to apply this effect only to the bottom of the image, so I create a layer mask for it and, using the gradient, but this time Linear gradient (Linear gradient), paint over the top, as you see in the image:

My advice to those who followed the lesson and wants to use their work for further refinement: experiment until you create your image, keep your idea in your thoughts and work it out, take more time for your work. It is better if you create one good piece of work in a month, than 10 terrible works in the same time.
So, before you the final result:

Author: Paulo Canabarro

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