Recall the summer with Photoshop

Today we will learn to create clothes from water.

Materials for the lesson:


Water spray

Step 1. Create a new document. 960px x 1280px, create a new layer and fill with color # 909090. Apply layer style Gradient Overlay \ Gradient Overlay, settings below. Now click rmb by style Gradient Overlay \ Gradient Overlay On the Layers palette and from the list that opens, select “Create a layer” (Create Layer). Next, hold down the Alt key, and move the cursor to the layer palette between the Layer 1 layer and the Gradient Fill layer 1 (the Gradient Fill layer 1 changes the cursor) and press (we will get rid of the clipping mask).

“Layer1” on the layers palette move to the very top, change blending mode for layer on Overlap (Overlay) and opacity of 75%. Next in the menu Filter \ Noise \ Add noise (Filter \ Noise \ Add Noise) quantity (Amount) 5.5, according to Gauss, monochrome and Filter \ Sharpness \ Sharpness (Filter \ Sharpen \ Sharpen) apply twice. Change the name of the layer “Gradient fill 1” to “background gradient”, for “Layer1” the name “background shrapen”. Put these two layers in a group and name it “background”.

Step 2. Now let’s find a model that will wear our aquatic clothing. Separate the model from the background in any way convenient for you (the author applied the tool “Pen” (Pen Tool (P)) and filter “Extract” (Filter \ Extract (Alt + Ctrl + X)) to select hair) and transfer to our document, name the layer “Lady”.

Step 3. Here we need to get rid of the bottom of the swimsuit. Create a new layer, load the layer selection. “Lady” (Ctrl+ click on the layer thumbnail), select the “Stamp (Clone Stamp Tool (S)) and start to clone (with the Alt key pressed) body parts.

Step 4. Now let’s find a material for water clothes, we need a splash of water, the author offers an image from a resource You can use any other image with water splashes. Using the tool “Rectangular Selection” (Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)) select the top part and transfer to our document, apply free transformation Transform (Ctrl + T)), as shown below, name the layer “dress”.

Step 5. Select tool “Magic wand (Magic Wand Tool (W)), tolerance (Tolerance) 5 and remove the background. After that there will be blue dots, use the tool “Eraser” (Eraser Tool (E). If you use your splash image, change the tolerance settings of the magic wand.

Step 6. Change blending mode (Blending mode) for layer “dress” on Glow (Luminosity). Next in the menu Filter \ Plastic (Filter \ Liquify (Shift + Ctrl + X)), to make this splash more like a skirt, use the tool for this “Deformation” (Wrap Tool (W))

Step 7. Duplicate the “dress” layer, change blending mode (Blendingmode) on Overlap (Overlay) and opacity (Opacity) 40%. Make the “dress” layer active and load the selection of the “Lady” layer. Select tool “Dimmer (Burn Tool (O)) and paint on your legs until you get a good effect (experiment with the settings of the Dimmer tool).

Step 8. Choose a tool “Sharpness” (Sharpen Tool (R) and, using a different brush size, paint on the “dress” layer, after a few clicks you will understand why – the water will become more natural (do not paint all over the skirt, select only certain areas, also process the droplets)

Final result

Author: bwebi

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