Reflection on the water surface

In this lesson Photoshop we will learn to make a reflection of the object on the water surface.

For example, I took a picture of cherries.

We need to cut an object from the background and place it on a separate layer with a white background.

I picked out two cherries with the tool Pen Tool.

And placed them in a new document with a white background layer.

Using tool Free transform (Ctrl + T) set both cherries to one level.

After alignment, press Enter, to remove the frame.

Duplicate the cherry layer. Right click on the cherry layer on the palette Layers and choose Duplicate layer

Now if you take the tool Move and move the cherries, you will see that now there are two pairs.

Activate a copy of the layer.
Refer to Menu – Edit – Transform – Rotate 180 – Flip Horizontal

The second pair of cherries turned into a reflection (turned 180 degrees and reflected horizontally).

We still have to experiment a bit with the tool free movement.

Click Ctrl + T a frame appeared.
Press the key again Ctrl and pull the middle bottom slider (shown as a red triangle in the picture) – slightly up and to the right. Approximately as shown.

If you are satisfied with the reflection click Enter

Now we will turn the reflection into a quivering water surface.

In the menu, select Filter – Blur – Motion Blur
There is a default value thirty, leave it, click ok.

Again in the menu, select Filter Distort – Ripple
Set the value as indicated in the screenshot.

Reduce transparency (Opacity) on the Layers palette to 70%

The result is:

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