Reincarnation in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial you will see an unusual reincarnation of a leaf figure into a wonderful flower.

Create a new document size 400×400 px
Fill the background with black

Next, select the Free Shape tool, then find the shape as shown in the picture:

Set the white color as the main color, go to shape mode. and draw a leaf.

Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the leaf shape in the Layers palette to make a selection. Next, add a filter Render> Clouds (Rendering – Clouds). Deselect – Ctrl + D

Now filter Blur> Radial Blur (Radial blur):

This is how the image will look after applying two filters:

Now add a filter Sketch> Chrome (Sketch – Chrome)

It looks like this now:

Color the petals – click Ctrl + u,
set the parameters: 185; 53; 0

Duplicate the background layer and change the layer-copy blend mode to Screen (Lightening).

Reapply the Radial Blur filter

This is how the picture will look like:

And the last trick is a filter. Distrot> Twirl (Distortion – twisting)

Click Ctrl + U, to color this curl:

Such an extraordinary effect was obtained from the most ordinary form of a leaf.

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