Remove the mask!

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create a mask from a photo with you.

Find the right photo. Double-click on it in the layers panel and click OK in the window that appears. So we converted the background image to a regular layer.

With Pen circle the face like this.

Right click on the contour, select the command To form a selected area (Make Selection), set the radius to 0, Click OK.

Invert selection (Shift + Ctrl + I) and click Delete.

With the help of all the same Per cut out the openings for the eyes and mouth.

Push Ctrl + U to open a window color / saturation (hue / saturation). Check the box next to Colorize. Apply the settings the same or for your taste and color.

Click Ctrl + L, to open a window Levels. Set the following settings:

Duplicate the layer. Go to menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (blur >> gaussian blur).

Apply these settings:

On top layer, change the mode to Light replacement (lighten).

Fill the background layer with black. If you wish, you can add another mask.

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