Room with posters

Hello! In this tutorial I will tell you how to create such a picture, similar to a room with posters.

For this work, you will need about 10-15 photos (I took pictures of my favorite actor).

Create three new sized documents as your desktop screensaver. I have 1280 by 1024 pixels.

For these two documents apply Image – Mode – Grayscale. Now all the photos you insert will be black and white.
Now paste here a few pictures and scatter them on the canvas. Reduce them with Free transform, if needed.
I got these two collages

Merge layers of photos.
Open the third document (the one for which you did not change the mode).
Insert your main photo

Create New layer and Stamped Make a texture like this.

Duplicate this layer three times.
Insert photos here.
Create a new layer.
Selection – All.
Allocation – Modification – Border, radius 50.
Fill the frame with black.
Selection – Deselect selection.
Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur. Radius of about 7.

Duplicate this layer three times. Insert collages.
Now rearrange the layers as shown in the picture and merge those that are highlighted in the same color.

Hide all layers except the main photo and the top one (to do this, click on the eyes).
Editing – Transform – Distortion.
Drag the upper right and lower right corners to the corners of the main photo. To apply the transform, click Enter.

We made the left wall. Similarly, make the ceiling, floor and right wall.

For the floor, add a layer style Gradient overlay But with these settings

For the ceiling layer style is the same, however, you need to remove the tick from Inversion.

For the left wall

Inversion is not needed for the right wall.
This is what should happen.

Add an inscription. Write something, then right-click on the layer and select Rasterize the text.
Editing – Transform – Distort.

Add layer styles

A little change the main photo. Duplicate it and for the top duplicate open Editing – Correction – Levels. There are three pipettes on the right.
Black-tip pipette click once in the darkest part of the photo (I have this hair). Pipette with white end press once in the brightest place of the photo (I have this background).

Editing – Correction – Discolor.
Blend mode Soft light.
Layer – Flatten.
Everything! Is done.

I hope you have succeeded. I would be glad to see your options in the comments.

Lesson author: Potapova Irina

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