Scene for the actor

In this lesson we will learn an interesting gradient fill technique. Let’s get started!

Create two layers, one of which is filled with black and white gradient

It turns out like this …

Set the foreground color to orange and select such a gradient and drag on the second created layer.

Changeable Blending mode (blending mode) of this layer onColor (Colour).

Salt the layers with gradients and add a fill layer, or an adjustment layer. Then we slightly deform the gradient.

A bit of color correction also.

Create a new gradient. Note that half of it is transparent!

See what we can do with this gradient, while changing the level of opacity of the gradient.

We pull a few short jerky segments.

Something like a theatrical scene. But what a scene without an actor ?!
Here is a sketch of the actor. You can see light falling on his shoulders.

Next, manually, in a non-standard way, add the text of the hieroglyphs found on the Internet. You can also use the brush that is here.

Take the oval brush and set the value shown in the picture.

Some conversion:

At the end, merge all the text layers and place at the top. Add another pattern on the background using a brush that can be downloaded here.

The final result of this interesting experiment:

Remember, practice and experiment are the only way forward.

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