Scream effect

In this tutorial, we’ll give photos of such an interesting effect:

I called it the “screaming” effect, since this photo clearly shows that everything is shaking on it, and this can happen either from an earthquake, or from an angry scream!

For this lesson, I took a photo from a well-known computer game – Half-Life 2:

And now I will step by step explain the course of this lesson.
Open the photo we need in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Duplicate for now the only layer. To do this, in the Layers window, right-click on our image and select Duplicate Layer (Duplicate Layer) (Ctrl + J).

You can add a bit of contrast to the copied layer. This step is optional and is done only for your taste. And if you want to add contrast, then follow me: Adjustments – Brightness /Contrast (Correction – Contrast).

In the window that opens we set the following settings:

In the resulting layer with contrast set the blend mode to Overlay(Overlap):

And now it’s time to add the effect we need! The secret of this effect is that we simply duplicate a photo of the original several times, and each layer is rotated a certain number of degrees.
To begin with, we merge the two layers we have (Ctrl + E).

Again duplicate the layer and rotate it. To do this, go to Edit – Free Transform (Editing – Free Transformation) (Ctrl + T).

Rotate layer 5 degrees counterclock-wise:

Now we put Transparency (Opacity) the turned layer on 20%.

Again, duplicate the rotated layer and also rotate it 5 degrees counterclockwise.

Merge the 2 upper transparent layers and rotate the resulting layer 20 degrees clockwise. Merge 2 rotated layers.

At the discretion you can take eraser (E) and erase some parts of the transparent layer in order to slightly distinguish the main “hero” of the photo.

Add a little red to make it look like this is the sight of a shocked man with a scream. To do this, create a new layer: Layer – New – Layer (Layer – New – Layer) (Ctrl + Shift + N). Fill it with red tool Paint Bucket Tool (Fill) (G).

Add a mask to this layer. To do this, in the Layers window, click on the mask icon:

Now fill the mask with a gradient fill tool. Gradient Tool (Gradient fill) (G) from the middle of the image, so that only the edges of the photo are red. For this type of gradient set radial.

At the layer with the mask we set the blending mode to Overlay(Overlap).

That’s all:

It turns out that the cry can not only be heard, but also seen!

Author: Zhurov Ilya.

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