Shining dream

In this lesson, you will learn how to give your photos a beautiful, shimmering effect.

Here’s what happens in the end:

Materials for the lesson:



For this lesson you will need two textures
Open the photo you’ll be editing.

Copy layer with photo. Select the first layer and click Ctrl + B, to bring up a window Color Balance (Color balance). In the window that opens, set the following parameters:

It turns out:

Now select a copy of the first layer. Click again Ctrl + B and set the following parameters:

Change the layer blending type to Saturation (Saturation) and set the opacity to 70%.

Open texture in Photoshop texture 1, with move it to a photo document. Place it in the layers palette at the very top. Using Free transform (Free Transformation), adjust the size of the texture to the size of the document.

Click Ctrl + B and set the parameters:

Now go to Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects (Filter – Render – Lighting Effects).

We get the following:

Change the blending type to Lightening (Screen)

We go to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur).

Choose layer 1 and copy it by clicking Ctrl + J. Change the blending type to Soft light (Soft light).

Open texture texture 2:

Move it to a photo document. Place it above all other layers and change the type of blending to Lightening (Screen), move the helix as shown. Reduce size with Free transform (Free transformation) Ctrl + T.

Load brush twinkle.abr
We apply it approximately as shown in the figure:

That’s all! The work is completed. For beauty, you can still add text.

Final result:

Author: khathya conceicao

Transfer: Yulia Lyubimova

Link to the source of the lesson

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