Silver Shrek

We draw Shrek for future series of the film!

Warning: this lesson is designed for users who already have little experience in working with Photoshop.

Below you see two pictures that I used to create a silver Shrek.

Final image:

First we need to cut the face of Shrek.
Take the tool Lasso tool or Pen tool, what you like best and cut out the face.

Notice that part of a finger gets there – take it too.

Look, I didn’t take a piece of my eyebrow, because a silver man doesn’t have them anyway.

Copy selection.

Leave this document open and open the silver man.

So, in this image, the top of the silver man’s head is cut off, but we need Shrek’s entire head to fit into the picture.
Therefore, we need to increase the size of the canvas Image – Canvas Size

Do not forget to move anchor point in the lower left corner, since we need the canvas to increase up and to the right.

Now insert Shrek’s head into this document. I renamed this document “Shrek’s face”.

The size of the head at Shrek does not quite fit the width of the silver man’s shoulders. Set both scales to 110%.

Turn (Ctrl + T) Shrek’s head so that the chins of both faces match.

Next step: you need to discolor Shrek’s head (Shift + Ctrl + U).
We do this in order to then apply the colors that we need. Now his head has lost its natural swamp green color :)

We start the process of colorization.

To apply a new color to Shrek’s head, first take the eyedropper tool. and choose a light gray color from the body of a silver man. Make this color the main one.
Then choose a dark gray color.
Ask Image> adjustment> gradient map.

You will see this window:

Click on the gradient bar and another window will appear.
Add another flag with color, click under the bar (in the same place where I checked the middle box).
You can change the color on the checkbox by double clicking.

The middle flag should be lighter than the rightmost.
Now move the middle checkbox until it suits your head color.

Giving a glare to the head.

The real Shrek has uneven skin, while a silver man, on the contrary, is all smooth.

In order to smooth the face of Shrek, we will use the tool “finger” – smudge tool. I set the power of the tool on 55% and smoothed the surface of the face, without leaving the contour of the face.
You should have something like this.

Add shadows and highlights.

The face now looks smooth but thick.
He needs to add several layers with shadows and highlights.

Create a new layer. .

Take a brush tool, set a soft brush size 17 px. Draw a small ball where there should be a highlight.
Rely on the picture of a silver man.

Then take , set the size a bit larger.
For this case, I chose the size in 27 px and set softness on 40%. Spread the white ball in both directions, as shown below.

Repeat the same steps for other parts of the face, and it is desirable to change the size of the brushes. It should turn out like this:

Create a new layer. and set the layer blending mode (blending mode) on color dodge. Repeat all previous steps on top of all discolored areas, but choose a smaller brush, for example, a soft size. 15 px for the first section.

Take , set the parameter 20%. Spread lightly this ball.

Next step: duplicate the layer where Shrek’s face is located. I renamed this layer “Outer Glow”.
Apply filter Find Edges filter (Filter> Stylize> Find Edges) on this layer.

Now invert the colors in this image (ctrl + i or Image> Adjustment> Invert). Set the blending mode (blending mode) this layer too Color dodge.

And now we’ll add some more highlights and shadows. Go back to the layer with the face of Shrek, select the tool Color dodge, set soft brush size 65 px, set the parameter Range on ‘Highlights’And parameter exposure on 20%.

Now lighten up the white areas. This will allow even better highlight glare.

For the shadows, select the dimmer tool Color burn, set Range on Highlights and start drawing shadows. Vary the size of its location on the face.

Well, almost done. I added some more highlights here and there (on a new layer) and set the transparency (opacity) on thirty% and removed from the background the real head of a silver man.

I present to you the hero of the film “Shrek-4”!

See you at www.!

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