Smiling kitty

This fun lesson is designed for those who are just beginning to comprehend the program Photoshop. Now we will do with you a smiling cat.

1. Open the photo of your favorite cat

2. Open a photo of a smiling person so that his teeth are clearly visible. Using the Move tool, drag this photo onto the kitten.

3. Highlight a mouth with a regular rectangular selection. .

4. Press Ctrl + Shift + I to select not the teeth, but the rest of the picture. This operation is called inverse selection. Click Delete, then you should delete everything except a toothy smile.

Press Ctrl + T (free transformation) – a frame will appear, with the help of it you will be able to reduce or increase the size of the object, as well as turn it at the right angle.

5. Click the button. Add a layer mask in the Layers palette.

6. Choose a brush with soft edges, set black and opacity to about 20%. Start removing a little extra by brushing over the layer mask. Give a natural picture!

7. Open the hat image.

8. Select it to extract it from the image using, for example, the Magnetic Lasso tool.

9. Position as shown in the picture.

Admire the result. For beginners, it will be very useful.

Author: marciastutorials

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