Smoke screen

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an ornament from ready-made smoke brushes and, of course, using the capabilities of Photoshop.

Materials for the lesson:

Brushes Smoke

Brushes Smoke 2

First, open a new document of the size you need: (ctrl + n)

Paint the background of your future ornament with white using the tool. Fill

Download brushes in the form of smoke.

Take the brush black color and create a new layer .: LayerNewLayer(Layer – New Layer).
All we have left to do now is to invent the ornament itself.
Choose one of the brushes.

Then go to another window FilterLiquefy (Filter – Plastic) (shift+ctrl+x) and select tool Turbulence, to give our painted smoke even more tortuosity.

Take Eraser small size and erase unnecessary curves, if any. Then copy the layer: LayerDuplicateLayer (Layer – Create a duplicate layer) (ctrl+j). Flip the layer horizontally by running the command EditTransformFlipHorizontal (Editing – Transforming – Flip Horizontally). The Move tool will help put our copied layer in the right place.

Create a new layer and take another brush. If you wish, you can always change the size of the jets of your smoke. Ctrl + T

Warp it a little by choosing a tool. Turbulence (shift + ctrl + x), then copy the layer and display it horizontally.

Now we can give our ornament a perspective: EditTransformPerspective (Editing – Transforming – Perspective) Pre-connect these two layers: LayerMergeDown (Layer – Merge with the previous one) (ctrl + e).

If a part of the ornament does not correspond to the one that has already been drawn, then we should slightly reduce the opacity. The new part of the ornament should be turned vertically and horizontally. EditTransformFlipVertical (Editing – Transforming – Flip Vertically).

Do the same that you did with the previous parts of the ornament.

Now a few other parts of the ornament:
Combine all the layers with smoke (ctrl + e) ​​and duplicate the new layer 3 times. (ctrl + j). Pay copies vertically and horizontally so that they are equally spaced on the four sides. Reduce the opacity to 65%.

Merge all layers: LayerMergeVisible (Layer – Merge visible) (shift+ctrl+e)) and continue changing colors using inversion: ImageAdjustmentsInvert(Image – Correction – Inversion (ctrl+i)).

Create an adjustment layer Gradient map and paint our smoke screen in the colors shown below. If you do not know how to use the gradient map adjustment layer, then read this article.

Drag the gradient from the center to one of the corners and change the blending mode to Multiplication.

Author: eyesontutorials

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