Square apple

In this Photoshop tutorial (only for CS 2) you will learn about a very interesting function as a deformation (Edit> Transform> Warp)

We will consider this tool on the example of an apple.

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that the Earth is round, orange round, an apple and that round. And let’s change the traditions and make a square apple!

So let’s get started.

Open a new document of size ( 1000 x 1000 px – if the drawing itself is a large apple with a white background.

Insert an image of an apple there.
Remove the gray background using the Magic Wand tool.

And now the fun begins!

Create a new layer (click Shift + Ctrl + N )

Take the pencil tool. Set the diameter = 25 px
Choose a gray and draw a free hand cube right on top of the apple. Here, do not aspire to accuracy.

Select the apple layer in the layers panel:

Now go to menu Edit> Transform> Warp.
Then the grid will appear on the apple.

Use the mouse to start stretching this grid around corners and nodes.

We recommend to reduce the transparency of the layer with a gray frame to
50 %, to see what happens to the apple after deformation.

Continue to deform the apple to a square state.

Now select a layer with a gray frame.

Reduce transparency to 40%.
Create a new layer, and again using a pencil, draw the same box as you did before, but this time in white.

Now let’s apply the filter to the white frame.

Go to menu Filter> Blur> Box Blur and set the radius to 25 px.

You can go back to the menu. Edit> Transform> warp and give the white frame a suitable shape.

Here’s what happened:

Then see for yourself – you can add a shadow to an apple or, on the contrary, a radiant glow, you can add dew drops or holes with a worm, etc. etc.

Thank you for being with us!

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