Starry sky on your back

In this lesson we will create a beautiful effect of the starry sky on the back. The end result will look like this:

For the lesson, I used images that you can download here and here. And brushes with the image of stars that I downloaded on the wonderful site www. in the section Brushes – Stars, space.
Step 1. So, open the image of the girl. For safety net duplicate. Then take the tool Magic wand with a tolerance of about 40-50 and select the blue background, then click on the selected area with the right mouse button and select “Copy to a new layer”. Here are the layers you should get:

Step 2. Double-click the left mouse button on Layer 1 with a blue background to open the Layer Style window. Select “Overlay color”, click in the window with color, select black, click OK

Now we have a black background, it is desirable that it always be above all other layers.

Step 3. Create a new layer. Choosing a tool Brush large size, “Opacity” 9%. And now we darken the whole contour of the girl – all the places where she comes into contact with the background and the whole lower part, as well as the hand and hair. The result should be the following:

Step 4. Create a new layer. Take the tool “Brush”. Color – 11154e “Opacity” – 90%, Press – 87. Paint over the hands, neck and top of the girl’s shoulder blades as follows:

We put the “blend mode” on “Replace dark.”

Step 5. Change the brush color to 2d3279. Paint over the bottom of the blades:

Change brush color to 71218b and paint everything up to the waist

Finally, color e51bbd paint over the rest of the back.

I want to note that you can choose the place of transition of colors and shades to your taste – experiment!

Step 6. Take the tool Finger Intensity – 9% and spend them along the back, mixing colors, making the transition smoother.

You can also take the tool Blur with an intensity of 12% and walk them in the places of color joints.

Step 7. Open the image of a girl sending a kiss. Take the tool Dimmer . Range: “Shadows”, Exposure – 29%

Now the dimmer will darken only dark areas, and the white background will not affect! Let’s go through the dimmer on the gray areas of the girl, making them black, we also need to paint a part of the background behind the girl’s neck, we will do it with a black brush.

Step 8.Magic wand select the white background, press the right mouse button, select “Invert selected area”. Push Editing – Copy. Choose our first image Editing – Paste. Click the right mouse button and select Free transform and now, clamping Shift, we reduce the girl. Reduce it, right click it again and select Flip horizontally.

Move the girl to the left edge of the image.

Step 9. Press CTRL and mouse click on the icon of the layer with the silhouette of the girl. She will stand out.

Further Selection – Modification – Compress. Choose value 1, OK. Click the right mouse button, select “Invert selected area”, then Delete. Remove selection.

Step 10. On a layer with a silhouette of a soft black brush, combine the silhouette and black background

Lightly lubricate the silhouette tool Finger with the same settings as for the back.

Step 11. Create a new layer. We take new brushes, set the color to white and start scattering the stars on the back, and the stars should fly off the palm of a girl-silhouette.

Step 12. I still returned to the layer with the lying girl and set the following settings: Brightness: -23, Contrast: -25, Saturation: +24. Play with color balance too. I also added planets. Here’s what we got in the end: (pic.16) Imagine! In this case, the canvas can serve not only the back! Good luck!

Lesson author: Irina Chugreeva

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