Stone texture

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a real stone block using three Photoshop filters.

1. Create a new document, 1000 by 1000 pixels in size, the background layer is white.

Apply Filter> Render> Clouds (Filter> Rendering> Clouds).

Go to the channels palette and create a new channel, to do this, click on bottom of the palette.

Apply several times Filter> Render> Different Clouds (Filter> lighting> various clouds).

Go to the layer palette. Use Filter> Render> Lightning Effects (Filter> Render> Lighting Effects) with the following settings:

Your image will look like this:

Play a little with the settings Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation, Ctrl + U), for example, like this:

The texture of the stone is ready!

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