Strength is in your hands

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how simple and, most importantly, realistic to add the effect of electrical discharges to your image.

There are many ways to create lightning in Photoshop, but we’ll show you the easiest one. So, let’s start creating a fantastic image.

Step 1:

Open the photo in photoshop.
Here, get acquainted with our picture – we will show this effect on it.

Step 2:

Press a letter ‘D’ to set the black and white color in the color picker.

Click CTRL + SHIFT + N, to create a new layer.

Take the tool – a rectangular selection (), and make a selection, as shown in the screenshot:

Step 3:

Take tool – fill () and set these values:

Now fill the selection with a gradient:

Step 4:

Ask Filter-> Render-> Difference Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds with overlay).

Then on the menu Image-> Adjustments-> Invert (or click CTRL + I) to invert colors.

Click CTRL + L to trigger a palette of levels (Levels Adjustment tool), set the value .ten in the central window, as shown here:


Step 5:

Click CTRL + D to deselect.

Change the layer blending mode (blending mode) on “Screen” (Lightening):

To make the waviness necessary:

Ask Filter-> Distort-> Wave (Filter – Distortion – Waves).
Without changing the settings, click “Randomize” (Another option) a couple of times:

Step 6:

It remains to put the wave in the right place.
Click CTRL + T, to cause the tool free transformation.

Then we need to color the wave.
Click CTRL + U to open the color / saturation window Hue / Saturation.

Make sure there is a tick opposite “Colorize” (Toning). Look at our settings:

And here is the result:

We hope that you enjoyed this fantastic lesson and that you will use these techniques in your work.

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